Is the Falcon Zero F360 a Good Dashcam?

Hey guys, today I want to take a look at a piece of gear that I think every rideshare driver should have: A dash cam. Jonathan Knope with took a look at the Falcon F360 HD Dashcam, so watch as he unboxes it, installs it, and shows you how it performs on the road. The Falcon 360 is a very popular unit that retails for about $140. Although, just a disclaimer, Falcon did send us this one for free.

Watch the video to see whether I think it’s worth it to buy the Falcon Zero F360. I’ve also provided a transcript below to show you the points I cover in the video.

What’s inside the box

In addition to the camera unit, the F360 also comes with power and USB cables, a 12 volts USB plug, a 32-gigabyte SD card, and tiny hooks for keeping the power cable out of the way. Thirty-two gigabytes is the biggest card the unit will accept. That’s good for at least five or six hours of footage. The F360 uses loop recording, which means it will delete the oldest footage as the card fills up. That way, you’ll always have room to record what’s going on. The camera fits over your existing rear-view mirror, and it’s super-easy to take on and off.

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The spring-loaded clamps held the camera on quite securely during my tests. I didn’t notice any slippage or vibration, even driving over bumps. The cable management hooks are a great idea, but they didn’t stick well for me because they’re hollow in the middle, so there’s not much surface for them to stick to. I’d recommend replacing these with Command strip hooks.

Recording starts when you start your car, ends 10 minutes after you turn it off

By default, the camera records from both angles and combines the footage into a single file. Recording starts automatically when you start your car and continues for up to 10 minutes after you turn it off. This is perfect because it makes using the camera pretty much effortless. It’s a good thing most of the camera functions are automatic, since navigating the menus is not at all intuitive. Fortunately, once you’ve set the time and date you don’t really need to use them.

Decent night vision, good interior recording quality

Night vision on this camera is adequate, though headlights tend to glare a bit. The infrared lights around each lens don’t do much to illuminate the outside, but they light up the inside of the car quite nicely. The camera does have a microphone, and it works well enough to pick up conversation. This is also helpful if you need to make a verbal note of a license plate that is too far away for the camera to read. The mic does pick up a high-pitched noise in the background from the electronics. This shouldn’t be a huge issue for most people, but it’s worth noting.

Should you get the F360?

Overall, I really like this dashcam. The automatic recording of both camera angles is ideal for providing security, especially for rideshare drivers. With better cable management and a better button layout, this camera would be perfect. But as is, it’s still a great investment that could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

To purchase one of these, click our affiliate link. A small percentage of your purchase will help support the site, so we can continue to make more videos like this one. If you have any questions about the dashcam, just let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching, and drive safe.

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