What to Know About Fair’s New Uber Rental Program

There is a new car rental program for Uber drivers, which is now available in most California markets, and the program is called Fair. At the end of this video I’m gonna tell you whether I recommend this as the best way for full-time drivers to secure a vehicle for rideshare driving.

What is the Fair rental program for Uber?

Hey there, everybody. This is Jay Cradeur with The Rideshare Guy, and today we’re gonna be talking about a new rental car program called Fair. And I’m gonna look at a few different aspects of this program. We’re gonna start off with what exactly is the Fair car rental program? To do that, we’re gonna jump right into their website.

The homepage for Fair.com, and we’re gonna click on Uber in California here. And this is gonna give us a really nice overview of what’s available. So every car is $185 per week, so it doesn’t matter which car you select, and we’ll cover car selection in a second here. But every car is $185 per week. Now, all you need to get started is a $185 refundable security deposit and your first week’s payment. Although they’re currently offering you can get started with just the security deposit, and your first week is free.

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Fair offers ‘rewards’ to reduce the cost of your rental

Now, you can also earn rewards. So if you complete just 70 trips in a week, you can earn $185 reward, which will cover your car rental. And if you do 120 in a week, your reward will be $305. And this price covers everything, so you get unlimited miles, you get insurance, refundable deposit, roadside assistance, routine maintenance, and vehicle warranty.

How to get started with a Fair rental

All it takes to get started with Fair is you gotta come up with a refundable security deposit of $185, and Fair is giving you the first week’s rental for free. Now once you get the car, it’s good for seven days, and then you can renew it for another seven days. And you can do that four times, so that gives you 28 days, or a month. At that time, if you want to renew again, you may be able to do that right through the app, or in some circumstances, you’re going to have to bring the car back in for a short inspection, and then re-up it for another month.

What kind of cars does Fair offer?

I’m gonna show you this image, and you can see some of the cars that are available. You can get a Hyundai Sonata, a Nissan Altima, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra, Kia Soul, Nissan Versa, Honda CR-V. Let’s go to the app right now, and see exactly what kind of cars are available right now.

What I’m gonna do is open of the Fair app, and as you can see here, it gives you some of the basic information again. 70 trips, and you get $185. All cars are $185. And then you can shop by model. So there are three cars, three Hyundai Elantras, five Ford Fiestas, four Kia Souls, one Hyundai Sonata, one Hyundai Accent, one Toyota Corolla, one Versa, one Camry, three Altimas. All right, so let’s say we’re interested in an Altima, and then you can see the different cars. So here’s a 2017 Nissan Altima with 47,000 miles on it. All right, you can see a couple different angles of it. And if that was the car you wanted, then that would be your selection.

Fair vs Lyft Express Drive

I wanted to do a comparison between doing this and Lyft’s program, which is called Express Drive. So the first thing I wanna point out is that with Lyft you don’t get to choose your car. You go to an appointment, you receive a presentation, and then you’re assigned a car. So that’s a big drawback to the Lyft program, whereas as we’ve seen, there are a lot of car options available with the Fair program.

Second, the cost of the car for the Uber car is $185 a week, whereas with Lyft, in San Francisco it’s $219. So that’s a minimal difference of about $35, but over a year that adds up to several thousand dollars. So that’s another consideration.

Fair offers better rental rewards than Lyft Express Drive

However, the biggest consideration I have is the bonus money. Now, if you look at the image here you can see that with Lyft, what you have to do in order to cover your entire rental payment is do 155 rides, whereas with Uber you only have to do 70 rides in order to cover your rent. So that’s substantial. It’s much easier to hit 70 rides than it is to hit 155, and then that’s the best you can do with Lyft. With Uber, if you go ahead and do 120 trips, instead of $185 to cover your rent, your car rental, you’re going to get $305. So those are three very compelling reasons why I would recommend the Uber program over the Lyft program.

Uber Fair Rental FAQ

Finally, I wanna cover a few frequently asked questions about this program.

Are all the cars $185? And the answer is yes, all the cars you could select, all of them are $185. Pick the car that you really want the most out of all the cars that are available, and you’re gonna pay $185.

If I do this program do I get to participate in all of the bonuses that Uber offers? The answer is no. With the Lyft program it’s the same thing. You can earn the money to pay towards the rent, and maybe with Uber you get a little more with the bonus, but that’s it. You do not get to do the Quest bonus that you may be participating in, so that’s off the table. This kind of substitutes for that bonus.

Where is this program available?¬†Right now the program I’ve just been describing to you is available in four areas: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Diego. So that’s where it’s available now. You can visit the Fair website and see what other options are available to you nationwide in the other markets.

Is a Fair rental a good option for drivers?

In summary, what I would say is I recommend this program. It’s a dynamite program for a lot of reasons. First, it gives you a good car selection. Second, the price for the car includes everything. It’s only $185. That’s a good deal. Third, you can pay for it by driving for Uber and racking up the rides.

That’s a huge, huge benefit, because then you don’t really have a car payment. If you do 120 trips, which I know that’s not that many rides, you can even get a bonus on top of getting your car paid for. So rather than getting a new car and depreciating it over time, with this you can drive these cars as much as you want, and you’re gonna pay the same amount of money. So I say thumbs up. Give this program a chance.

Click here if you’d like to get started with the Fair program.

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