Continuing your education as a driver is key!

One thing I really like to promote is education.  Educating yourself is key to staying profitable as a driver. We can’t exactly rely on Uber, Lyft, and the other companies to teach us things that will benefit us, so we have to rely on each other. That’s what I aim to do on Maximum Ridesharing Profits and The Rideshare Guy, and I know that’s the reason why you read posts like this.

Staying active in the rideshare community and continuing your education are really the only ways to stay ahead of rate cuts, app changes, and the confusing payout structures that Uber and Lyft use.

Rideshare Driving School is a great way to continue your education

I actually do a lot of research on my own, both for myself, and for all of you guys. Recently I was browsing youtube and found a great strategy video by Torsten Kunert, an LA-based driver. It turns out he’s recorded lots of great tips for drivers, so I reached out to him and got to know him a bit.

He’s created a course called the Rideshare Driving School, and I definitely recommend it as a resource for continued education. It’s a reasonably priced course that will get you lots of condensed, solid information in one place.

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His course is broken down into 3 parts:

  • Rideshare Intro: This first course has beginner tips on getting started as a driver, how to choose a vehicle, and basic customer service skills that new drivers need to know.
  • Advanced Driver Series: This section has more advanced content, like how to master surge pricing, how to handle your taxes, and how to use data to recognize patterns in your driving.
  • Professional Driver: This covers marketing strategies that can help you use social media and websites to get new driver referrals

My favorite part of the course is about referral tactics

My course covers driving tactics and business strategies, but I don’t cover too much about referral tactics. As you know, drivers can get paid to refer new drivers and passengers. It’s a big source of income for me at The Rideshare Guy and Torsten’s Professional Driver course actually has several videos that teach you how to use social media and websites to build an audience and ultimately drive a lot more referrals.

Watching that section of the course was like watching him dissect some of my own tactics I use on Youtube and my sites. They’re really insightful, and I can definitely say that getting even a few referrals a month can significantly increase your income.

Check out the course and get a discount

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