Cargo Review: How Drivers Can Get Paid to Hand Out Snacks

Have you heard of Cargo? They’re launching a new product for Rideshare drivers that allows you to sell things like snacks, and candy, and all different sorts of trinkets in your car. I signed up with Cargo and received their starter kit, so I’d like to share the unboxing with you to show you what it’s like. Today I’ve got a cool unboxing video for you.

Unboxing the Cargo starter kit

You can see there’s this box here. I just got it delivered in the mail from FedEx. You can see right there. I’ve cut open the top, have not looked inside yet though. What is in this box is actually another box. The company behind this box called Cargo, what they’re really trying to do.

Think of it as a bathroom attendant on wheels. The cool thing about the company is that they’re providing these boxes completely free of charge to drivers. They replenish you and they take a cut of those things that you’re selling. Some of the items apparently are even free. Let’s take a look inside the box and see what’s in here.

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Instructions from Cargo for setting up the box

We’ve got a little welcome letter right here. It says, “Welcome to Cargo.” It says, “Follow these three easy steps, and you’ll be ready to improve your passenger experience and start earning more.” It says, “Open the white carton with your prefilled Cargo box marked with this symbol.” You guys can see it right here, hopefully that’s clear. Then it says, “Read the Quick Start Guide that is in your Cargo box. You must activate your Cargo Box before it can be used.”

The Cargo Box actually integrates with an app and passengers can actually purchase it via the Cargo app and online. It’s a pretty cool system, and that’s how they track all the inventory too. Let’s take a look and see what we’ve got in this box. There’s a lot of cool stuff. It looks like there’s some 5-hour Energies, but I’m gonna open the box that says, “Open me first.” Let’s see what we’ve got here. All right, so hopefully it’ll be something good.

Cool features: The Cargo box lights up

We’ve a got a white, box and this looks like the actual Cargo Box. I’ll throw that to the side. It looks like we’ve got the actual box right here. Let’s take a look and see what it looks like. All right, cool. This is the actual box right here. You guys can see it. Looks pretty slick. It’s actually pretty compact, pretty solid plastic material. I have to say, I actually like the design of this box. It’s pretty slick. You can see right here it says, and then a number, 3079. That’s how people are gonna get products.

It’s also got two USB charging ports right here, which is pretty handy. Then on the backside, you can see that it’s actually a little bit of a felt material, so that’s pretty cool. Then it looks like it comes with a USB port. This is actually how you charge the Cargo, because it’ll actually light up. I’m gonna go ahead right now, and plug it into my computer and see what happens, if this thing will light up, and it works.

You guys can see right there that it’s lit up, so when you’re transporting passengers at night, you’ll actually be able to sell them stuff or do whatever. It has a handle in the back that opens it. You can see right here, that it’s now open. I’m gonna move this box out of the way for now.

We’ve got the Cargo unit right here. Here’s the Quick Start Guide that they said that you should read first. I am going to not read that right now. Let’s take a look at what snacks and stuff are in here.

Chargers, cables, and gear for mounting

It looks like you’ve got a strap right here, but this actually looks like it is going to latch into here, and then you can wrap it around your console. That’s pretty cool. Then it also comes with an iPhone 5/6 fabric gold charger, so that’s pretty cool. Then it looks like it’s got another iPhone charger, probably another iPhone 5/6+, so that’s cool. If there are a lot of iPhones in the car, I guess you can charge everyone’s car.

Then we start looking at three tins of Altoids, so that’s cool. You’ve got these mints. Looks like they’ve also got a bunch of pretty neatly packed snacks in here. I have to say, the box is very well organized, and looks like you’ve got Skittles in here, a bunch of packs of Skittles. Actually, this thing holds five packs of Skittles, two packs of cookies right now. It looks like there’s a cookie in here.

Then you’ve got the Cargo branded charger right here. It looks like right here we’ve got 7.2 amp output, triple USB charger. Obviously you can plug this is into your car, and you’ll have one from the Cargo, and you then you can also use, for example, I have a dash cam that plugs into my USB, and then my phone charger. That’s perfect that there’s three, since that will hold all of them.

This box, is I’m honestly, this box is making me hungry, so you guys might have to watch me eat a little bit. Then there’s some Rice Crispy Treats in here.

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Close up on the Cargo box: Adjustable dividers, easy organization

The way that it’s organized is cool. It has these little plastic dividers, so you can actually move them around, so that if you have different sides snacks, or anything like that, right now the way the box comes, it’s pretty much perfectly laid out, and everything fits really well.

I think that’s pretty cool. We’ll do a little close up of the box here in a second, but that pretty much sums up everything that’s in the box. Then it looks like everything in here is actually what you would need to refill. We’ve got 5-hour Energy, and it looks like they took two of the 5-hour Energies to replace what’s in the box right now, currently. Rice Krispies Treats, so we’ve got a lot of Rice Krispies Treats.

The nice thing about this stuff is obviously it’s not super boxy or super big, so you could easily keep this in your trunk, and keep things organized. Then when you run out or when you sell out, you can actually easily replace everything that’s in here. That’s cool.

We’ve got a full pack of cookies, and it looks like there’s six, nine, 12 more cookies in here, so that’s pretty cool. Are some Pringles, so that’s the last food item. You can see that the box does only hold one Pringles, since these are kind of boxy. You can imagine the bigger items are tough. I really like how it can vertically hold five Skittles packs. That’s pretty handy.

Then it looks like we’ve got a couple extra little items. These are the iPhone fabric cables, so we’ve got a few more in here. It looks like they give you a ton of iPhone charging cables that you can actually go out and sell.

Let’s see what’s in this box here. Smells like, ah, okay. Smells like a variety pack. You’ve got a bunch of Advil in here, you’ve got a bunch more packs of Altoids, so that’s pretty cool. Really, honestly, there’s pretty good amounts. This one box that you get from Cargo, you pretty much have backups of everything. You’ve got five packs of more condoms, which you can do whatever you want with. Then there’s also more gum, there’s more Skittles, and then there’s also these little stain removals, which probably won’t be quite enough for a puker, but you can clean things up in your car, or whatever.

Let’s see, in the back it says, “Saving face and fabric when you are on the road. Works miracles on general household stains, or damaged clothing, carpets and furniture.” That’s pretty much it that’s in the box here.

Installing the Cargo box in my car

If you guys do have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. My overall impressions of the box, I would say that it’s well designed. I think that it does look pretty slick, it looks pretty sleek. We’re gonna go see how it looks in the car, but you guys can see here that it holds everything pretty well.

All right, let’s go put this thing in the car. I’m here in the car with my Cargo, and you can see that it actually fits pretty nicely right here on the center console. I’m gonna take the strap right here and just loop it under, and it looks like you can plug it in.

You can see that you can get a little tighter, tight as you want. There we go. Now pretty sturdy, so it stays right there. I like that when it opens, actually opens like this. If your passengers are in the back, they can’t really reach around and grab it since it opens from the front. It actually has a pretty sturdy handle, so you do have to give it a little bit of a pull. Pull it open and then if someone in the back wants Pringles, you get a text message that says they just order a Pringle, so you got the Pringles right here. Hand it over to them and there’s no exchange of cash. You all get paid electronically.

Pretty cool little device, and definitely excited to get on the road and start using it. You can see that it does fit nicely right in here. It does take a little bit of elbow room, so if your are big on elbow room, you just have to know that you won’t have a ton of elbow room. But I guess at the same time, you can also move it over a little so your passenger won’t have as much elbow room, which is fine with me.

All right, guys. As you can see, I’m here hanging out with all the snacks and the box. The box that it comes in packs quite a punch. You can see we have a whole variety of sweets, treats, and everything. Some of these snacks like the cookies and the Rice Krispies apparently are even free for you passengers, so that could definitely help with tips. Then for the items you can sell, you’ll also be able to make some money that way.

I definitely like, as you can see, it’s got a great presentation of the box. It’s neat, it’s compact, and it also keeps things organized too, so I think it looks good while it’s in your car. It looks very professional.

Where is Cargo available?

Hope you guys did enjoy this unboxing video. Cargo is now going live in cities all across the country. They’re live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Chicago right now, and expanding by the city every single week, every single month. If it’s not available in your city yet, it probably will be very soon.

Like I said, the best of all if you guys are like me, you probably love that the product is free. When you start running low on snacks, it’ll actually send you replenishments for free. Definitely check this thing out. Let me know what you think. If you do have any questions, feel free to leave them below.

If you want to try Cargo, sign up with our referral link. Until next time, take care.


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