Can Uber And Lyft Pick Up Passengers At Your Airport?

We all know by this time that almost every single airport in US allows you to drop off Uber and Lyft passengers without a hassle. But there are still battles going on in a lot of these airports over pick ups. Can Uber and Lyft pick up at your airport?

Watch my video to see my answer, then see the the transcript below if you prefer to read

Can you do pickups at your airport?

If you Google it you’ll see that there’s a lot of outdated information out there. There’s a lot of articles saying, oh, Uber’s legal, and then it’s not legal, and then there’s battles going on. Even when they announce that Uber was coming to LAX, it was still months before you could actually go and do pick ups.

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A trick to see if you can do pickups at an airport

What I’ve actually found is that you can quickly check on the Uber passenger app. Let’s say I’m in LA and I want to check the airport rules in Chicago, I would open my Uber passenger app, type in Chicago airport as my pick up point. From there you can actually see if you’re able to request an Uber X or not. This is a really good way to test, because if you go to the airport and you see that no Uber X are available, and you’re kind of moving it all around the airport, and you still see that you can’t get a ride, you know that Uber probably isn’t allowed at that airport yet.

If you go to an airport like LAX, for example, you can move the pin there and you’ll see that an option comes up to request an Uber X. You can set your terminal, you can set the door number that you’re at to get picked up. That’s a really good way to check, no matter what city. It works for any city in the world too. It’s kind of a cool trick. You definitely need to have the Uber passenger app.

It’s just another reason that really benefits you to have the Uber passenger app. Whether you’re a driver or if you’re a passenger looking to check Uber, it’s a really good way to quickly check. You also have other options like Uber Select, which might be two to three times the cost, or Uber Black.¬†Those services can almost always pick up at your airport, because they’re paying all the licensing and fees, but obviously the cost is going to be a lot higher.

You can also ask Uber support

Then the last thing, if for some reason you’re not sure, you can’t check on the passenger site of the app, you can always contact Uber. I’ve found that they’ll get back to you probably pretty quickly within two or three hours. They should be able to tell you pretty quickly, and then with Lyft you can always check with Lyft. You can send them an email but they’re pretty slow to respond. I usually ask them on Twitter @asklyft, and they get back to you, probably hopefully pretty quickly. I’ve given you a few ways so definitely try them out. Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to like, comment, subscribe. Look forward to hearing from you.

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