What are the Best Tools and Gadgets for Delivery Drivers?

Today Jon with therideshareguy.com has nine products that will make your life a whole lot easier for food delivery drivers. Let’s get right into it.

Take a look at Jon’s videos, then read the transcript below to find our links to the gear.

A magnetic phone mount

The first product is a magnetic phone mount. These are super helpful. It makes it really easy to take your phone in and out of your car when you’re going into the restaurant. You can have your phone with you to confirm the order, take a picture of the receipt, do you what you got to do. And then, when you get back in the car, you can just pop it right there on the mount and you’re ready to navigate. We actually reviewed a few of these magnetic phone mounts on at therideshareguy.com.

A battery bank

The next item is a battery bank. These are pretty common. You may have one of these already. There’s a bunch of different kinds. Anchor is a pretty popular brand, but there’s a whole bunch of off brands, too. They’re all a little bit different, and there’s a bunch of choices for mobile batteries. You definitely want to get the most ‘mAhs’ that you can, milliampere hours for your dollar. That means the battery will last longer. But, you do kind of have to balance the weight and the size of the battery bank with the size and the portability.

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The battery bank is really helpful because, a lot of times, you have your car off while you’re delivering food. Maybe you’re in the restaurant waiting for an order, or maybe you’re waiting for a customer. You’re out of the car a lot of the time when you’re delivering food, and if your phone is on five percent, or two percent, or it’s about to die, it can frequently not have enough power. So, the battery bank helps keep you going if your phone isn’t all the way charged.

Bluetooth headphones and headsets

The next item is Bluetooth headphones. These are super-handy, because you are in and out of the car a lot. Same kind of thing. You can’t listen to stuff as well. If you’re listening to an audiobook, you’re gonna have a lot of interruptions as you drop food off and go to pick food up. So, Bluetooth headphones are super-handy. We actually reviewed a couple of bluetooth sets on therideshareguy.com, so you can check out that link above or below in the description.

Air fresheners to clear out food smells

Sometimes, people will order food that smells kind of weird, and it’ll make your smell kind of weird. And, definitely if you’re delivering passengers as well as delivering food, maybe you’re doing Uber or Lyft as well, it’s definitely helpful to have some air fresheners to keep it smelling fresh and not like the inside of a restaurant.

Paper towels

It seems kind of obvious, but food definitely spills on occasion. Wet wipes are even better. Some unscented baby wipes, or Wet Ones, or whatever you got. Definitely good to have on hand in case anything gets where it’s not supposed to be. Definitely those little cups of dressing are a main offender, ’cause they often aren’t in the box with the rest of the food, so if one of those pops open, you’re gonna want to have something handy to clean it up.

Extra napkins, forks, knives, and spoons

Sometimes, you’ll forget to grab them as you’re headed out of a restaurant, or sometimes the restaurant forgets to include them. If you happen to be at a restaurant that has them out just for the taking, I definitely recommend grabbing a handful and just keeping them in your glove box or in the door, and that way, you’ll always have some handy. You don’t want to have any complaints or anything from customers that didn’t get their cutlery, or their napkins, or their ketchup, or whatever it may be, so definitely good to have those on hand.

A large container or cart for large orders

Next item is a large container or cart. Sometimes, you’ll get really big orders. It just depends on which platform you’re working for. Some have a pretty low maximum order limit. But, if you do get big orders, like catering orders especially at offices. If you’re delivering lunch for the whole floor, or what have you, you may get a really big order with a ton of bags, and it’s kind of hard to carry them all. So, definitely keep a box in your car or keep some of those reusable grocery bags. That kind of helps to combine some of the food together, so you can carry it to its destination more easily.

A Sharpie pen

Sometimes customers will ask you to label the food, which item is which, or put names on it sometimes even. So, the Sharpie is really helpful to have around in case you need to write on any of the boxes or label anything.

Something to entertain yourself

There’s definitely some downtime during food delivery, while you’re waiting for the food especially. Especially if it’s a slow restaurant, or the restaurant is busy, you may find yourself hanging out at a restaurant for 15 minutes, half an hour, depending on which platform you’re working for, if you can’t move on. If the order is taking a long time, you may be stuck there for a minute. So, definitely good to have some entertainment on hand. Netflix is always good. Get a nice mobile data plan so you can look at Facebook, or check your emails, or whatever. Definitely good to keep yourself occupied while you’re on the job, helps the hours go by a little faster.

Thank you so much for watching. If you have a favorite gadget that you use a lot as a delivery driver, let us know what it is in the comments. Thanks again, and drive safe.

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