What are the best hours for women to drive for Uber?

Today, I want to share a video with you from Cecily of Drive Girl Drive. Cecily is a seasoned Uber driver in Los Angeles who knows what it’s like to drive for Uber as a woman, so I thought I’d share her unique perspective with you guys.

Check out her video below, then scroll to the transcript of the video if you prefer to read.

For women, late nights can be problematic

When I first started this job, I was greedy. I would start around six o’clock in the morning and I would drive as late as eleven, sometimes midnight. I noticed that when I drive later hours, I was no longer taking people to dinner, I was no longer taking people shopping, I was taking people to the club and picking people up from the club. Which exposed my to a lot of people who are inebriated, people who probably normally don’t come outside during the day. Freaks come out at night, ladies.

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I’ve had several close calls, from weird people hitting on me, to one guy who I believe was trying to rob me. All these things happen at night, so I was like “you know what, most of these things are happening at night, I’m going to drive during the damn day.”

Morning hours feel safer, less hectic

So I started early. I would hit that morning rush when people are on their way to work. People who are on their way to work, are on their way out of town are pretty composed, more often they’re about their business. They’re not really too chatty, and I’m not a super big morning person. I pick people up at seven, eight in the morning and have some stale conversation because we’re both waking up. We just trying to get to where we’re going, and that’s fine with me.

That kind of business would carry on through to around ten or eleven in the morning, and then it would die down. At that point I could take a break at that point, I could do other work, or I could switch over to DoorDash, or Postmates, depending on where I was.

If I felt like staying out in the day then I will come back on around one or two, and then work through the early evening. Then you know, then you’ve got a different vibe with people who are like “my day is over, whew I’m done and now I’m looking for some fun, I’m looking for some relaxation” and you’re already warmed up, so you know you can kind of siphon that out of people and it be a good conversation.

If I have a serious financial goal I’m trying to meet, then I stay out later if I’m really close to that “x” amount of dollars I’m trying to make for that day.

Day driving is more predictable

Since I stopped driving late night, or full into the evening, things have been much more predictable. I’ve felt safer. I don’t really try to hang out in residential areas when it approaches the evening hours, I like to go in places where I see people coming out of restaurants and stuff like that. You have to be careful all the time, but it still makes me feel more comfortable to know that somebody’s coming out the door looking for me, and that sort of thing.

I met a girl driver once, she took me and my sister to an event that started at 11 o’clock and the driver said she had just started her shift. I said, “You drive in the middle of the night?” and she’s said, “Yeah, sometimes I drive all night.” So apparently it works for some people. I don’t think it hurts to try something at least once. But would I recommend that you go out there and drive at night? Hell no. Your life’s not worth it.

If you’ve ever driven drunk people around, it’s crazy. One time I picked up these girls, they were so drunk they didn’t even remember where they lived, and then she got mad at me because she didn’t remember where she lived. I picked up another group of girls that were pooling, and one set of the girls were racist, and they were showing their racism. They were being rude and mean to each other, and started a fight. Another time, a guy hit on me and was trying to get me to drive my car into his gate.

I appreciate you guys watching these videos. I drive UberX, UberEats, Postmates, and DoorDash, and I talk about my experience doing ride share. Appreciate you guys!

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