The Best Hours To Drive for Uber & Lyft

What’s the best time to go out driving for Uber? I found a solid video from Kon with RideShare Tips where he shares with you what works best for him.

Take a look at Kon’s video, then check out the transcript below to see all the points he makes in the video.

Weekdays: Morning shifts are busy

During the weekdays, Monday through Fridays, I’ll drive for three hours in the morning, and then three hours in the afternoon. Morning shift, I like to do 6-9am, or 7-10am. I’ll do three hours in the morning, so I found that during rush hour, you’re going to get the largest amount of rides. There’s a lot of Uber drivers out there, so you have to be working when it’s the most amount of passengers, or else you’re going to be sitting around without any rides.

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I found during morning rush hour, it surges a lot, plus you’re also getting these earnings boosts with Uber. 10am hits, I’ll head home, I’ll run my errands, whatever I have to do for that day, go to the gym and whatnot. Then, I’ll go back out from four to seven o’clock. That’s the evening rush hour, and that’s when I find I make the most amount of money. Of course, I sit in traffic more of the time, but it surges and the earnings boosts again, so you make more money. Also, what I used to do back in the day is I would get up super early. I was the super early bird, and I did catch the worm most of the times.

Super early in the morning = Airport rides

I would start at four o’clock in the morning, and I found that that early, you get a lot of rides that go to the airport. In airport runs, you’re going to make good fares off of them, and then once you’re at the airport, you might as well stick around and pick up somebody from the airport. You’re going to get long trips from there. If you’re willing to lose a little bit of sleep, or just go to bed early, there’s good money to be made out there.

I used to do it myself, but I found it doesn’t necessarily work for my sleep schedule, and I wasn’t really willing to adjust my whole sleep cycle just to make a couple extra bucks. But if you’re willing to try it, go for it. That’s for weekdays.

When to start driving on weekend nights

During the weekends is when I make the most money. Friday night, I’ll go out around seven or eight o’clock. Actually, on Fridays and Saturdays I like to avoid the rush hour just because I know there’s going to be a lot more rides. I’ll go out seven, eight o’clock, when people start pre-gaming, going out to dinner and bars and restaurants and whatnot, and I’ll drive anywhere from seven to about 12 o’clock. It’s a solid five-hour shift. I’ll make about $20.00 an hour on Friday and Saturday nights.

Then, I’ll call it quits by 12 o’clock because I don’t like driving home the drunk people, I don’t like dealing with them. I used to do that, I’m over it. Saturday hits, I do the same thing. I’ll go back out around seven o’clock and drive ’til about midnight. Also, if I feel that I haven’t made enough money throughout the week, there’s also Sunday you can do. On Sundays, there’s not a lot of traffic out. People are laying low key, and there’s a lot of people going out to brunch, and whatever they’re doing. Shopping, who knows. There’s a lot of requests that come in, and there’s no traffic so it’s great.

That’s pretty much going to be it for the majority of the Sunday, so if you’re up for it, go out there and hit the streets on Sunday and see how much you can make in your city. That’s it, guys. That’s my schedule. That’s what times I normally drive, and it’s been working out for me. That’s it for today’s video, guys. Thanks for watching. Please like, comment and subscribe. I do videos on Lyft and Uber. Drive safe. I’ll see you out there on the road!

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