Which Cars Are Best For Each Uber & Lyft Category?

As drivers, our vehicles are a lot of things to us: An asset, an office, and a means of transportation for our personal life. The vehicle you use makes a big difference, so if you have any choice at all in the matter, it’s a smart idea to pick a car that’s ideal for rideshare.

Nowadays there are a lot of rideshare categories: Theres UberX, XL, Select, and more, and then for Lyft there’s also XL, Black, and others. Which cars are best for each rideshare category?

Torsten over at Rideshare Professor on Youtube recorded a good video that covers the best cars for different rideshare categories. Take a look at his video, and scroll to the transcript of the video below if you’d like to read the points he covers.

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Hybrids are the way to go

To my rideshare friends, to my YouTube subscribers. I hope you’re having an awesome day, we’re gearing up for 2019. I have no idea where 2018 went. It just went so quickly, crazy. Anyway, there’s a lot of hot cars out for 2019, and I want to give you my take on the cars that I think are hot for specific categories. I’m a huge fan of the Hybrids, with these super high, skyrocketing gas prices. Whichever category you’re aiming for, I would definitely look at the Hybrids first.

Best cars for Uber X and Lyft

In the UberX category, or the equivalent, the Lyft Regular category, the most busy categories. My three top tips would be attack the middle one first. They’ve come out with a new Prius 4×4, especially for areas that have snow. In case you will be traveling into areas, firstly the fuel economy on this car is insane. It’s brilliant. Then on top of it, you have the 4×4 capabilities. Smart move on behalf of Toyota, probably the most reliable driven rideshare car on the market. As you can see, I haven’t had my coffee yet.

Then I would look at the Camry Hybrid, also Toyota. Very reliable cars. Then Honda Insight Hybrid, or the Honda Civic. Those would be my top three choices. Beneath the video you’ll find more information on each car. The pricing, et cetera, and pretty much why I chose it.

Best cars for UberXL and Lyft XL

The next category my friends, one of my favorite categories if you really want to step it up from UberX or Lyft, go to the Uber XL or Lyft Plus categories. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is hot. Good gas mileage. The Ford Explorer Hybrid is hot, there you can see it top right. Then, the runners like the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. I see them a lot on the roads.

These vehicles my friends, will obviously double up as XL and Lyft Plus, Lyft Regulars. You can easily drive in four categories. What I like about this category, what I like about these cars, the amount of room and the amount of passengers it can take. Because, when large groups or families travel, there’s usually airport trips, luggage, hotels, and automatically tips. The tips between X and XL are like day and night. Far, far higher tips per week in XL and Plus categories. Those are my four tips for 2019 in the XL category.

Best cars for UberSelect

Let’s look at Uber Select. I’m a huge fan of the BMW, so I think the 528i would be my car of choice in the Uber Select Category. But, the Acura MDX SUV is also getting rave reviews. Again, more information beneath this video. Those are my picks for Uber Select for next year. The next one up my friends, here you’re about to spend money. Again, the earnings increase exponentially. You have to check in with the hub, whether these categories are available. Don’t just go out and buy, make 100% sure you can slot your new car into one of those categories if they are available in your city.

Without doubt, so this, we’re looking at the black SUV. I think some of these cars could even double up as Lux vehicles. My favorite, top right there, the one that I just bought. Very costly, it was $109,000. The Cadillac Escalade Platinum. I’m not saying you have to go all out like that, but it can work if you’re doubling up and using that in vehicle for Lyft SUV, Uber SUV, and you’re using it as your own private limo car.

The 2019 Mercedes E Class, fantastic car. Luxurious, fits perfectly in there. Definitely one of my favorites. Also have one of them, the 7 Series Hybrid, BMW. Luxury on wheels. Great, great gas mileage. And, a car that you can always rely on, gets better and better every year, the Chevrolet Suburban. Lovely car. Maintenance costs are not high on that one. You got to do your brakes, your synthetic oils, your transmission oil. That’s a runner. Those ones have always, always been good to me. Again, please check your market.

Best car for UberEATS

Now, when it comes to the next category folks, I threw this one in there. UberEats, because there are several drivers that just don’t want to drive passengers around. If they do decide one day to do the combination of Uber Eats and UberX, these are great cars. The Honda CRV, well priced, good gas mileage, a lot of space to put all your food in. Especially if they’re big functions, the same with the Hyundai Sonata. Very well priced, super car for any of the Uber or Lyft categories, and a lot of room for Uber Eats if you’re doing big deliveries, small deliveries. Both are great on gas, very, very well priced. Those are my 2019 tips for Uber Eats.

If you have any questions about the cars that I chose, if you want to know other options, I’ll gladly go further than this. But, I think we’ve pretty much covered the spectrum here from the smallest category is X, right up to SUV and Lux. Then, the food industry, deliveries, easy money. Especially on big holidays, fourth of July, Christmas, Superbowl, Uber Eats. Great, great backup, right?

Uber Eats, they’re obviously not so picky on the cars. They’re not picky on the year of the car, so way more flexible in those categories. Also with Postmates, or GrubHub. My links are all beneath if you want to join those. The food delivery companies don’t put the same measures on the requirements as do the ride share companies when it comes to driving around passengers.

Hope you enjoyed this, and please send those questions over. Wishing you nothing but health, happiness, and success with 2019. Drive safe.

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