How to benefit from the MRP blog

One of the cool features about buying the Maximum Ridesharing Profits course is that it gives you the opportunity to become an affiliate and get paid to share the course online. All members of the course will receive a special affiliate link, and if your friends click your link and buy the course, you get paid $30!

It’s a really great affiliate program that helps you add some extra money to your monthly income while spreading the word about the great advice that’s inside the course. So far, members of the course and other affiliates have generated over a thousands dollars in referral payouts.

Today, I want to share a clever way for you to use your affiliate link to get paid to share our blog posts. In the last few months, our blog has started to get a ton of traction online, with 10’s of thousands of page views, Facebook likes & shares. You can get in on the momentum of the MRP blog by taking your affiliate link and adding one of our blog post URLs to the end. When your friends and referrals click that link, the’ll end up on the page you linked, and you’ll get $30 if they end up buying the course.

Only members of the course can get paid to share!

Enroll in Maximum Ridesharing Profits to see all of my most advanced tactics for drivers, and to get access to the referral program. Only members of the course can get paid to share!

How to share an MRP blog post and earn referral commissions

You can leverage the momentum of popular posts on the MRP blog by using your affiliate ID to link to any page on the MRP blog. Then, you’ll get credit for any sales that you drive.

Find more help and sharing options on the Affiliate Program page

You can also find these instructions in the “Track Your Performance” section of the affiliate member’s page under ‘Affiliate Link to Specific Page.”

Enroll in Maximum Ridesharing Profits to make this feature available!

Click here to enroll in Maximum Ridesharing Profits! You’ll get access to all of my most advanced tactical videos for drivers, and you’ll get your unique affiliate link.

If you’re already a member of the course, log in and head to the Affiliate Program page to find your affiliate link, and to see how you can use your link to share an MRP blog post.

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