Behind the Scenes of Maximum Ridesharing Profits

Today, I wanted to give everyone who hasn’t yet enrolled in the Maximum Ridesharing Profits course a behind the scenes tour, so I created a video that shows you why it’s worth becoming a part of our community and what’s inside the course.

Watch this video now to see what the course looks like after you enroll, then buy Maximum Ridesharing Profits today!

Behind the scenes of Maximum Ridesharing Profits

As you can see on our Maximum Ridesharing Profits homepage, it is an online video course taught by me and my co-instructor Brian Cole, and it’s all about sharing the more advanced strategies and tactics we’ve picked up in our two years of driving for Uber.

Inside the course, you’ll get access to income-boosting techniques:

  • Pickup Strategies – Get more rides and find ways to earn more when things are slow
  • Surge Pricing Strategies – Timing the surge so you make as much money as possible
  • Tax and Business Advice – Every dollar you save on taxes is a dollar in your pocket!
  • Bonus content: Case studies, new tips, course updates

After you buy the course, you’ll get private login information and access to the members-only area of the site that contains the course videos.

Once you’re inside the Member’s area, you’ll be able to access the two main courses we offer: The Standard Course and the Gold Course.

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Inside the Standard Course: Build and Strengthen Your Foundation as a Driver

The Standard Course contains the foundational knowledge all Uber drivers need to understand the apps, get started as a driver, and get a strong start toward becoming a top-rated and high-earning driver.

  • Learn how to understand the rating system and how to be a 5 star driver
  • Find out whether you should drive for Uber, Lyft, or both
  • Provide the ultimate passenger experience

Even if you’re an experienced driver, the Standard Course content is the best way to strengthen your foundation as a driver and fill any gaps you might have in your ridesharing game.

Inside the Gold Course: Advanced Tactics for Experienced Drivers

The Gold course attracts most of our members because it has advanced tricks and tactics that newbie drivers haven’t heard of. The advice in the Gold Course is for experienced drivers who are looking to grow into expert drivers and masters of your local market. Here’s just some of what we’ll cover:

  • Where to find more pickups
  • Surge pricing strategies
  • Advanced strategies
  • Tax advice

In both the Standard and Gold course, each video is on a page that contains the video, a summary of the video, and a comments section. It’s well-organized and easy to navigate. You’ll be able to watch the videos on either a desktop or on your phone. Enroll in Maximum Ridesharing Profits to see ALL of my advanced tips. It’s something you don’t want to miss if you’re serious about rideshare driving.

Members Get Free Course Updates

Ridesharing is constantly evolving. Whether it’s app updates, rate cuts, new airport regulations, or some other surprise that nobody saw coming, drivers need to constantly adapt to the latest changes. When I created Maximum Ridesharing Profits, I first covered the type of topics that are universal to ridesharing, whether you started two years ago or today.

But when I discover a new tactic, or I meet a driver who is bringing a fresh perspective to the industry, I create course update videos and publish them to the member’s area of the site. All members get free access to course updates.

Earn money sharing the course: Affiliate Program

Members of the course get access to our private affiliate network, which allows members to earn extra money by leveraging your network and putting your promotional skills to the test. If someone you refer purchases the course, you get paid. And there’s no limit to the number of people you can refer, so if you really get social, you can turn your membership in this course into a new income stream.

Support, Feedback, and Community

All members of the course can post a comment or question on any page of the member’s site, and I do my best to answer comments as soon as they come in. We’re a community of drivers, and I do my best to work closely with any driver who needs a hand.

Well, there it is. I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading!


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