Behind The Scenes – Maximum Ridesharing Profits Video Training Course For Uber Drivers

Want a behind-the-scenes look at the Maximum Ridesharing Profits course? Hundreds of rideshare drivers — from day-one beginners to multi-year veterans — have enrolled in the course, and I want to give you an inside look that shows you why it’s been so popular with drivers.

Check out my video tour of Maximum Ridesharing Profits, then read the video transcript below. My video tour is a very visual process, so I recommend watching the video. is a landing page thatbasically this explains what’s going on in the course and what we cover.

You can see my bio, my history along with Brian Cole, who is one of the co-instructors. You guys are probably already familiar with this page, so I won’t spend too much time on it, but know that we cover things like getting more pick-ups, surge pricing strategies, advanced strategies, and even tax advice.

We have a few testimonials from a couple of people like Uber Man, a couple of drivers and then and then here you can add the course to the cart and purchase it via Paypal if you’d like.

What the course looks like for Members

Up at the top of the page you’ll see a “Member Login” link, and that’s where I am going to take you guys today. You can see right here that I am already logged in right now. Your view should look pretty much like this too. We have a nice welcome message, and this is demonstrates the basic layout of the course.

The Standard course: Beginner tactics to give you the strongest start

We have split the course up into a Standard course and a Gold course. The Standard course is targeted towards beginners, so if you are thinking about driving, or if you have just gotten started driving, this is going to be where we cover all of the basics: Which service should you work for, keeping your ratings high, and other beginner tactics. You can see that video is long, around 30 minutes.

And we have a couple of good tools that you can use once you are out on the road. So even if you are a more intermediate or advanced driver, I think there is a lot of value in these videos since it’s important to kind of know the fundamentals and just go back to your roots as a driver. It’s important  think about the basics, about why you are driving for one service or another, and make sure that you are doing everything you can to get good ratings.

And then you can see here that we just have a couple of comments from course members. I respond to all these comments, so you can see we got a bunch of feedback from users saying, “Hey, I love the update”, “Recently purchased the course,” “Where is information,” and other comments like that. That covers the standard course.

The Gold course: Advanced tactics for experienced drivers

Next, we have the Gold course. That’s the section where I think most drivers are going to get the most value out of because we really going into the nitty-gritty: Everything we have learned as far as where to find more pick-ups, surge pricing strategies, advanced strategies, answering all the tough questions, tax tips. And we update it with more content.

Let’s start with the introduction to Ridesharing. This is a video with Brian, and it introduces you guys to the course. We have little notes at the bottom of each video page that basically give you little tidbits, and a recap or summary of the course. Down at the bottom, if you have a question you can always leave a comment and we will respond to it. Let’s say you have moved on from the introduction, you can now navigate to the Ridesharing basics for example.

The Course Update section contains our latest strategies

Now I want to highlight a couple of sections that I think are cool. Our Course Update has definitely been something that I enjoyed doing. From time to time, we will go in and come up with a few new strategies, and summarize it with a couple of topics that we have been thinking about or that we have been learning about. And then you guys can check it out, and we are always updating and adding new content.

There’s also a Case Studies section where I went out and interviewed a few drivers, and then I talked to them and recorded the whole thing on video.

If you have any questions, this is our support e-mail, so [email protected] and we will make sure that we get back to any email that you send.

The Affiliate Program: Earn money for sharing the course!

There’s also a great section that unique to this course: The Affiliate Program. If you purchase this course, you actually are going to have the opportunity to refer the course to people you know, and earn a commission for every person that you refer who ends up buying the course.

That pretty much sums it all up. Hopefully you guys enjoyed a little behind the scenes look. If you have any questions definitely feel free to ask them below, and we will make sure that we get back to you. All right, take care.

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