How to Be a Lime Scooter Charger [AKA Juicer]

Joe here with The Rideshare Guy and today we’re gonna discuss Lime and how to become a juicer. Lime is another shared scooter company. They launched in January of 2017 and in just two years they’ve grown to a valuation of over a billion dollars.

Take a look at my video all about becoming a Lime juicer, and scroll to the video transcript if you prefer to read.

Lime offers those shared scooters and also they offer smart and electric assist bikes. Their scooters and bikes are available in hundreds of US cities and college campuses as well as worldwide in much of Europe and Australia. And in order to charge their shared scooters, they need people to go out and collect them and bring them home to charge.

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About the gig: Charging Lime scooters is called “Juicing”

They called their chargers “Juicers,” and it is another Gig job, much like rideshare driving and food delivery. You make $5 minimum per scooter you charge, and up to $20 for the difficult to find ones. You go out and collect scooters that need to be charged, bring them home to charge them once and once they’re fully charged, they bring them out and release them back out for the public to use.

In addition to doing rideshare, I’ve done some juicing myself. I’ve gone out and collected scooters at night, brought them home and charge them over night. And then the next day before I log into drive, I’ll bring them out and release them for people to use.

How to become a Lime Juicer

How do you become a juicer? You can sign up via their website. Once you’ve entered all the necessary information, you’ll need to complete a course on how to juice. After that you’ll need to sign what they call an independent juicer agreement. And once you’ve signed that, all you have to do is wait and receive an email letting you know you’re when your chargers are ready. Once you receive that email, then you can order your chargers and you’ll go to their online store and purchase your chargers. Chargers are currently listed at $19 a piece, but you may be able to get a discount.

When I ordered mine, I was given a discount code, and all I had to pay was $6 in shipping. Once you receive your charges, you’re all set to begin juicing. For me personally, it took about two weeks from when I signed up to be a juicer through received my charger’s in the mail.

There are a few steps to becoming a juicer, but for the most part it’s pretty straight forward. I’ve done it a couple of times where I’ve gone out at night, and I’ll collect for scooters. And that took me probably about a half an hour to collect the scooters and bring them home, charge them, then release them the next day.

How much I earned charing Limes

I’d say all in all, it took about an hour. All of the labor was about an hour going out, getting them, bringing them home, doing all of that. I earned about $5 for each scooter, so that’s $20. And once you become more proficient at it, you can go out and collect a lot more scooters and probably make a lot more per hour. I was just collecting the minimum ones.

It may take you a little bit more time to find the more hard-to-find ones, but you can get paid better for those scooters and it can be fun. It’s basically like a scavenger hunt. You’re going out, you’re collecting these scooters. It’s something different. It’s different than rideshare driving.

If you are a rideshare driver, it’s a great way to pay back on the work you’re already doing. Say you’re out at the end pf upper day near a downtown area. You could just collect the scooters, bring them home charge them like I’ve done, and then release them back out before you log in the next day. If you’ve thought about becoming a juicer, I would really recommend giving it a try. Thanks again for watching and drive safe!

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