About Us

harryHarry Campbell – Course Creator and Instructor

I am the founder of TheRideshareGuy.com, a blog and podcast for rideshare drivers, and the creator of the Maximum Ridesharing Profits. I started driving for Uber and Lyft in 2014 and I quickly realized there’s a lot more to driving than taking people from point A to point B. As rideshare drivers, we have to deal with all sorts of issues that Uber and Lyft just don’t cover. And that’s why I created TheRideshareguy.com and The Maximum Ridesharing Profits Video Course.  My goal is to help drivers like you get all the answers they need to the tough questions and help you earn more money while you’re at it.

270700_444206608951315_1245262876_nBrian Cole – Course Instructor

Brian has been a driver for Uber and Lyft since September 2014 in the Cincinnati, Ohio market. After working crazy hours his first 4 months, he has now settled into a part-time role ridesharing and now shares his expertise and experience with other drivers on this site and his YouTube channel. He is also a full time internet marketer. Brian is 25 years old and resides in Liberty Township, Ohio.

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