About Harry

I’m Harry. It’s nice to e-meet you!

Who I Am

  • I’m Harry Campbell, the creator of TheRideshareGuy.com and MaximumRidesharingProfits.com
  • We cover Uber, Lyft, and the whole on-demand spectrum of jobs
  • I try to publish in-depth, valuable content. Tell me if I miss the mark!

My Journey

  • I started a blog about personal finance when I was working full time as an engineer
  • I tried out Uber and Lyft part time and noticed there wasn’t any good info online
  • I started a blog and a podcast for drivers to fill the gap, and it became a big success

What I Want to do For You, And All drivers

  • Empower drivers by creating and sharing the best resources and information
  • Provide valuable educational content that will help you earn more money

18 thoughts on “About Harry”

  1. Thanks for all the tipster, greatly appreciated. Been working for about 2 months now. Try to work the high bar times and I nights. Doing pretty good, average about $600 wk. just retired, love the job.

  2. Hi Harry, Thank you for sharing such amazing content. I live is a small city on the border of CA/OR. there are no Uber drivers here or any of the other Gig economy apps and businesses. I am currently waiting for my final approval from Uber to start driving. My City is literally under 8000. how ever we are a city that sees a high volume of tourists. We have at least 25 different eating establishments and a very high number of hotels motels and other establishments such as Air BnB. I see a good potential here for the ride share economy. Nearly every hotel/motel is full on a regular basis and if you sit in a restaurant for any length of time you will see a never ending line of food pickups for take out and to go orders but no drivers for delivery beyond Pizza hut. we even have a Starbucks here that always has a full line in drive thru and pick ups at the door. My goal here is not only to start the gig economy here but to build a platform zeroing in on the 50 plus age range and the disabled who can still physically drive and do rideshare. I want to help provide options to those who may be suddenly facing a retirement or disability that they were not ready for. I am going with the Ridesharegranny as my handle and a second business for sharing and providing to my age demographic options that they may not have considered. I am loving the content you are providing. Maybe one day I will be able to share incite on your platform as well.
    Thank you for any advice and suggestions you may have and want to share.
    Tammie Wolf

  3. Hi Harry you strike me as a straight up person.iAfter being a Chaplain for three decades and being around much illness and dying I am excited to join Uber,u enjoy people and plan to subscribe to your course.If I am motivated can I make 900- thousand a week in your view?

    • Hi Larry so it won’t be easy but it also depends on your city. If you’re in a major city like LA, SF or Chicago, 900-$1,000 a week is doable working 40 + hrs/week but in the smaller to mid-size cities it can be tougher. Not impossible but you’ll really have to hustle and drive smart, we’ve got lots of info to help though.

  4. Hi Harry,

    I live 30 minutes from Downtown Nashville (Music City). Being that I am now retired, the thought of being a “rideshare” driver appeals to me. I have not made the plunge, as of now. However, I do want to research this more in planning ahead in order to “hit the ground running.”

    What all I have read, thus far, is awesome.


  5. I have a question for You. If You have your own company and good toughs, simply creating your own platform, network would be better for everybody. Because following the UBER SLOGAN ( We are helping the community to give Them good service and getting low pay that’s not fair.) Therefore in what way the community is helping Me to get to eat? So I recomend You to open a platform to be helping the drivers and offer good benefits. I think everybody would be happy.

  6. i have yet to take my first passenger i down loaded the app.have i done it right? i’m around toms river nj. 100 miles south of nyc. when i sign on, i don’t see another uber car on map. even if i scroll all the way to NYC. I RELOADED the app, same thing. this can’t be right. i thought it would show me other black car symbols on map, so i could plan where i would go. i’m going to start next week. any thoughts on this?. i bought a new i-phone 7 plus just to do this uber work.

  7. Hi sir, how r u? I want to know what is the meaning of salvage please expand. Iff I want to buy car through finance is it reliable for uber.

    • Sure, a salvage vehicle is a car that has been in an accident and the cost of the repairs was more than the value of the car. In that case, it is deemed a salvage vehicle. When you buy a car, it should say on the title whether or not it is a salvage. If you go through Uber’s Xchange program, then you should be fine but if you buy a car on your own, just double check and make sure that it is NOT a salvage vehicle.

  8. Hi Harry I live in Melbourne Australia. I don’t know if you know that Uber is still illegal here in Melbourne despite having 4500 Uber partner registered.

    I started driving for Uber 26/12/2015 during my first few days I was visiting your blog, signed up for your email and devoured as much of your content as I could .
    I have a goal to be a top Uber driver and I want to thank you for time and effort by giving your experience and information to us the drivers.

    Your tips about having an AUX cable and a phone charger are GOLD. when I tell the kids they can play music from their play list and charge their phone at the same time they immediately say: fuck man your the best uber driver Im gonna give you 5 stars or your a 5 star Uber driver or I’m gonna give you 5 stars…

    Thanks for all you do Harry I appreciate you.

    P.S. If you would like me to partner with you and Brian in any podcasts or interviews representing Australia I am happy to join in.

  9. I hope to move to Chicago in about a week to drive for Uber. Upon your recommendation, I gave Derek Davis a call, and he should be calling me within the hour. It is really important to me that I do this correctly and that the venture succeeds. To that end, I find the info that you, Cole, and Uberman provide extremely valuable, and so I thank you!


  10. Great to meet you, awesome tips and helpful insights to ride share.
    Had my first sick passenger this past Saturday night and Uber came through in paying me for my damages, I just wonder how bad this will effect my rating. However that did not or will not discourage me from continuing to drive. I live in southern NJ close to PHILA I have been driving for almost a month and I mostly drive on Fri Sat and some Sundays. What about driving early morning hours I have a reg FT job, Is starting at 5 am good and working for a couple or few hours? I thought about getting up early during the week and working until I have to go to work by 9. Thanks again for the help
    [email protected]

    • Yea I’ve had some really good success driving around 4-5 am getting the early morning airport rides and such. Not as many requests but not as many drivers either and no traffic!

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