6 App Improvements Uber and Lyft Must Make in 2019!

I’d like to share with you three improvements I’d like to see in the Uber app and three improvements I’d like to see in the Lyft app. And stick around at the end of the video. I’ll share with you what I think is the number one improvement I’d like to see in each of the two apps.

This is Jay Cradeur with the Rideshare Guy, and today we’re gonna talking about apps. Now, if you’re like me, you’re a full time driver. I spend 50 hours a week driving around using the Uber and Lyft app. So I’ve got a pretty intimate relationship with them. There aren’t many things in my life that I spend 50 hours a week using and dealing with.

Lyft: Show primetime/bonus levels at all times

Let’s jump right in, and let’s look at some improvements. Let’s start with Lyft since this year I’ve been driving mostly for Lyft, and I’m very familiar with specific things that kinda irritate me that I would like to see improved. Let’s start with number one. Number one is, show me the primetime levels all the time.

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When you’re driving around and you get a ping, it’ll show you what the primetime is. It’ll be like 100%. That means you’re gonna get paid twice as much on that particular ride, but once you hit accept, that’s it. You don’t see it again. There’s no place to go and check and make sure you remembered it, right?

And even more frustrating, when it’s busy and you get a queued ride, so you’re driving around and you got someone in your car, and it says, “A new passenger has been added to your queue,” you have no idea. You’re flying blind. Drives me crazy. I want to know if I’m gonna take a long ride, am I getting a 25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, or nothing. So that’s for sure my number one request is just, what’s the big deal? Show us what the primetime level is. It’s really simple.

Lyft: Show the full destination address in the ride overview

I’m gonna show you here some examples of what I see, and as you can see, trauma center. Well, that doesn’t give me an address, and it would be really great if you could just show us the address on all of the passengers, for both the destination and the pickup because it’s difficult because then we’ve got to zoom into the map and see what area we’re going in to, or exit out and then look at it. Why? Why do some have addresses and some don’t? Just show us the addresses. That’s number two. Come on Lyft. You can do that for us.

Show us our remaining destination filters

With Lyft we’re given six destination filters. Very generous amount to have six compared to Uber which only has two. We’ll talk about that later, but it’s hard to keep count of how many have I used. And there’ve been a few times where I was just finishing my day. I needed that one more destination filter to get home, and I used them all up. So why not give us a count so we can see where we go to six to five to four to three to two to one, so we can again, manage our day. All three of Lyft improvements have to do with giving the drivers a little bit more information to make our days more profitable, more successful, and we’ll be happier. And we’ll be better with the customers, with the passengers. It’s a win-win, Lyft.

So those are the three for Lyft. If you have any other ideas, throw them in the comments. Now let’s go over to Uber.

Uber: Let us see our destination earlier

Now my app improvements for Uber are really important, and they’re part of the reason I prefer driving for Lyft. So let’s start with number one. Number one is, show us where we’re going. Now, with Lyft, when I’m close like a block away, I can hit that I’ve arrived. That shows me exactly the point that I need to drive to, and I can also see the destination and cancel if I don’t want it. Uber does not give us that option. Uber says we’ve gotta go there, see the passenger, then start the ride. Only ’til we start the ride do we see where we’re going. So that’s a huge drawback for me ’cause I like to manage my day because I don’t wanna take rides that aren’t profitable.

Now, to Uber’s benefit, their new Uber Pro program, is now gonna provide time and distance for drivers that reach the platinum and the diamond level. That’s gonna be great when that comes and that’s opened up to the whole country. Right now it’s just in eight test markets. So Uber will solve that problem if you’re a platinum or diamond, classified as a Uber platinum or diamond driver, but for the rest of us who aren’t in the test markets who aren’t at that level, this is a huge drawback.

Uber: Give us more destination filters!

I use the destination filters a lot. I use it to control my day so that, let’s say it’s Saturday morning and I wanna go all the way down to San Jose and I wanna get long rides going down, I’ll set the destination filter to San Jose. Now, when I’m in San Jose, I’ll set it back to San Francisco. With Uber, I only get two shots. Two shots. So if I just did what I said with Uber, that’s it. I don’t have a destination filter to get me home.

Uber: Show us a live rider location

And the third improvement I would like to see is, I would like for Uber to give us the little yellow dude. So I’m gonna show you here the little yellow dude, so that we can see where the passenger is ’cause a lot of times where the passenger is and where we’re supposed to pick them up, aren’t the same. And when I see the little yellow dude is someplace else, I immediately call the passenger with Lyft and find out where they are. Or sometimes there is no little yellow dude, and that tells you that somebody else booked the ride for the pickup. So you get a lot of valuable information with that little yellow dude. So it’d be great Uber, if you did something like that as well.

What are the most important improvements?

I promised I’d tell you which ones I thought were the most important. The most important for me for Lyft, is show me the primetime values. I like to know what I’ve got, so when I’m driving I can be excited if I have primetime or not. And when those passengers start to queue up, I have no idea what the status is.

And for Uber, of course, it is, give me the destination. Show me where we’re going so I can manage my day, so that I can have a more profitable day and be a happier driver.

Those are my suggested improvements. If you guys have any other ideas of things you’d like to see Uber or Lyft do, please put them down below. I’d love to see what you think. I will say an honorable mention for Lyft was that I would them to give us the opportunity to text passengers. That was a number four. That was an honorable mention for Lyft.

Thanks for watching. If you haven’t subscribed yet to this YouTube channel, by all means please do. It’s got a lot of great information. This is Jay Cradeur with the Rideshare Guy. Y’all go out and have a great day.


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