5 Ways to Stay Healthy as an Uber & Lyft Driver

We all know that sitting in our cars for hours on end isn’t exactly the healthiest lifestyle. So how can we stay healthy while doing work that requires so much sitting and repetitive movement?

The guys over at The RideShare Hub made a great video that has 5 quick tips to stay healthy. Take a look at their video, then scroll to a transcript of the video below.

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Okay, today what I want to talk about with you guys are five ways that you can take care of your health and wellness while you’re rideshare driving. We all know that you can spend a lot of time driving in the car and here’s some tips to take care of yourself while you’re doing that.

1. Stay hydrated!

Make sure you stay hydrated. It’s really with the A.C. going and not doing a lot of physical activity to drink coffee or tea or soda and forget about drinking water. But I found that it really helps my alertness if I focus on drinking my water throughout the day.

So, no kidding, this is my water bottle, also doubles as a weapon. It weighs like eight pounds. My goal is to drink through that while I’m driving each day.

2. Find reliable places to relieve yourself

And that brings me to point number two. When you drink a lot of water you have to go pee a lot and if you’ve been driving for a while you know how real the struggle if you have to pee and you got a passenger in the car and you gotta make it another 15 miles. Oh, it’s the worst. I have the bladder of an 11 year old girl.

Here’s what I did, especially driving in California, I found that a lot of the gas stations and restaurants would only let you use the restroom if you were a paying customer. I’m like, “Dude, I just gotta pee so bad.” So, when I was in California, what I would do when I was in certain area and I found a place that had a public bathroom I could use I would just drop a pin on the map and then after several months I had pins all over the place.

Any time I needed a pee break I could just go there.

3. Snack wisely

Make sure that you keep your energy up by snacking. Here’s my personal philosophy on this. I like to snack over eating a large meal because I find that after I eat a large meal I get really tired and seriously, so sleepy. I like to cut up fruits and veggies. I have a little cooler I keep in my trunk with an icepack and then I have granola bars, nuts, seeds, stuff like that.

All high energy foods but don’t take a lot of energy to digest so you can keep your energy up without getting sleepy.

4. Pull over if you’re sleepy

If you do get sleepy, make sure you pull over. I kid you not, I’m pretty sure this is facts, I saw a Mythbusters years ago and tired driving is far worse than drunk driving. If you do get tired or sleepy, find a park or if you’re in an urban area like Walmarts, Targets, big parking lots, somewhere under a tree where you can kick back and get a quick snooze in. Those power naps will keep you going.

5. Take breaks to walk and stretch

Make sure you take a lot of breaks to stretch and walk around. It’s easy to just try and keep pushing it, I know how it goes. Sometimes you’re in the flow, you’re making money and you just keep getting those ride requests but I try and make it a point to at least, at the most, every couple of hours if my bladder can last that long, to stop and stretch and move and shake.

Also remember that things like massages and or chiropractors, those are all tax write offs because we need to take care of our bodies in order to do our jobs and so those are tax write offs, you’re taking are of your body to do your job.

Those have been my five tips for taking care of your health and wellness while you’re out there driving. Again, if you like the video, appreciate a big thumbs up and truly appreciate having you guys here on our channel. Once again, I’m Jacob Letman. You can follow me on Instagram at Jacob.Lettman. And jump down to the comment section below, give us your feedback and how about give us some topics that you would like us to cover. We’d love to cover those topics for you. Awesome. This has been another episode of the RideShareHub.

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