5 Ways You Can Become a More Confident Uber Driver

Do you think of yourself as a confident rideshare driver? I know that most of us were not professional drivers before we became rideshare drivers, so we’ve had to figure out a lot of different challenges along the way. New situations come up that you may not have considered before, and you have to react to them with confidence if you want your ride to go smoothly.

Mike over at Your Driver Mike on Youtube made a really nice video all about becoming a more confident driver that’s got some great tips in it. Check out Mike’s video, then read the video transcript below to see all of his tips at a glance.

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These five tips are going help you be a more confident driver and help you manage the road as well as your customers.

#1: Think and Execute

Whenever passengers ask you questions, whether it about the app, about their payments, about how you like Uber, whatever it may be, think about your answers, and then execute on those answers with conviction. By thinking and then executing on your answers, you’ll always remain in control in these scenarios, and you’ll answer with conviction and fully stand behind your answers. You want to establish yourself as the credible source in these scenarios. When you’re asked questions, whatever it may be about, think and then execute on those answers.

#2: Anticipate

Whether it be obstacles on the road, pedestrians on the sidewalks, or even within your car itself, we have tons of videos on the channel all about anticipating. Anticipate bad drivers, always be exceptionally defensive, have the customer service and sales and leadership skills to manage your vehicle.

#3: Study

I think we can all remember a time where we may have not fully prepared for a test in school. Studying, knowing how the Uber and Lyft app works, and checking your app, A, B, C. Always Be Checking, so you can study demand trends or make sure you’re an expert in both how the apps work and how your market works.

#4: Optimize Your Vehicle

One of the good things about driving for ride share, and one of the things that made me most comfortable, was being able to drive my own vehicle. Not only are you more familiar with the inner workings and nuances of your own vehicle, but maybe make a few customizations to take it to the next level. Items like a dash cam for security, sick bags for peace of mind, or any kind of comfort accessories like a lumbar support can make sure that your space and your vehicle is most comfortable as possible.

#5: Have a conversational bag of tricks

Having a small intro word script will help you best prepare for customer service with your passengers. When your passengers get in your vehicle, a standard question may be, “How’s it going?” Take note of the length of their answer, and their energy when giving the answer, as you ask the second question. Your second leading question is going to be, “How’s your night going so far?” Use their answer, their duration, and their energy level in determining if they would like to talk or if they would just like to ride and relax.

It all comes down to preparation

It really comes down to preparation. Studying your app, knowing how your apps work, studying your market, knowing the roads, and knowing the best places for demand, and having the right leading questions when passengers get in your vehicle that you’ve optimized for your comfort. All of these aspects are going to give you the most confidence.

What do you guys think? Post in the comments below, what do you do to prepare for driving on the road, and what makes you the most confident? Your Driver Mike here, I do appreciate you watching. Subscribe to join the Your Driver team, and I will see you in the next one.

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