4 Improvements For The Lyft Driver App

Today, Jay Cradeur with The Rideshare Guy is going to share with you four improvements he’d I’d like to see in the Lyft app to make it more user-friendly for us, The Rideshare Drivers.

Watch Jay’s video, then check out the video transcript below to see the points he makes.

Before I start with that let me just say what I do like the most about the Lyft app. One thing I love about the Lyft app is that I can see where I’m going to take my passenger. If you’ve used the Lyft app, you know that when you hit arrive and then confirm arrival, you can then see where you’re going. If it’s some place you don’t want to go, you can just cancel and drive away.

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You can’t do that with Uber. Uber you have to actually start the ride and usually your passenger’s in the car by that time, and then you’re either gonna have to ask them to leave your car. It’s very uncomfortable. With Lyft it makes it very seamless and very easy to cancel on a passenger who’s gonna take you to an area you don’t want to go. Well done, Lyft. For that reason I say Lyft is the superior app because it gives us so much more control over our schedule and our ability to make money.

Bring back the Toggle Bar

What are four things that I’d like to see change? Number one, bring back the Toggle Bar. Let’s go to a screenshot now and I’ll show you exactly what I mean. On the left is a Lyft screenshot, and on the right is Uber. On the right, you’ll see how Uber has that toggle bar on the top. It’s the blue line on the top. It makes it very easy to bounce from Uber, Uber to Waze, and then back. Whereas Lyft has just that little tiny thing in the upper left hand corner that says Lyft driver. They used to have a toggle bar and they took it away, so Lyft, please bring it back.

Display the surge amount

Number two, show me the surge. When I’m driving around with Lyft and I get a ping, I hit the ping and it will show me what the surge is right there and in that moment. But once I’ve hit that to go to accept then I don’t know what the surge is. This also happens if you’re driving with a passenger and you get a passenger put in to your queue, you have no idea what the surge is.

Let’s go to a screenshot here and I’ll show you exactly what I mean. On the left it says 75% primetime. But once you hit accept, then you go to the next screen on the right, no information on surge. Here, this is when someone goes into your queue, there’s no information about surge, even the waybill doesn’t show anything about surge. So Lyft, show us the surge!

Eliminate the Auto Start feature

Take away the Auto Start Feature! If you’ve driven for Lyft you know that sometimes it’ll start the trip before the passenger has gotten in the car. I don’t know why they do this. I think it’s to make it simpler for us, the drivers, but it’s confusing to the passenger, and I certainly would like to have control about when I start my trips. So Lyft, please, remove the auto start feature. It’s not necessary and put a little more control back in the hands of the drivers.

Let us know when we get a tip

Number four is let us know when we get a tip. You could have a little dollar sign flash like three flashes when we get a tip. That way, I’d be a happier camper because I’d know I got a tip. Second, it would remind me that if I do really good service, I’m gonna get a tip. It’s a win-win in both ways. So let’s go to screenshot and I’ll show you an example of how I think we could do that. So it’s just something I worked up in Photoshop, but wouldn’t it be nice if it just flashed, “$5 tip, nice job.” It could even make a little cha-ching sound. I would feel inspired, inspired to give a better service and try and make more tips. That’s an idea for you, Lyft. Add a little tip notification for us.

Those are my four improvements. If you have some other ideas, go ahead and put them down in the comments.

How to cancel on an individual passenger in Lyft Line

Now, what I want to show you is how you can cancel on an individual passenger when you’re driving in a Lyft line. Even better, you can see where you’re going with that passenger. So, for example, let’s say you’re in the city of San Francisco where I often work, and you can then see this passenger that you’re gonna pick up next, who wants to take you all the way over to Oakland. Well, you can cancel that individual passenger and then pick up more passengers that are in San Francisco. Let’s go to some screenshots and I’ll show you what I mean.

This happened just this morning. I got a ping to pickup Ashley, and you’ll see to the left of the two pictures there’s a little box with three lines. Click on that and it’s gonna show you where to pick up Ashley, where to drop off Ashley, and then you’ll see a little X next to where it says ‘pick up Ashley’. If you click on that little X, it’ll take you to this screen where it’s gonna ask you, “Do you really want to cancel Ashley’s ride?” You say, “Yes, cancel this ride,” and the rest of the line will continue. Fantastic feature.

If you have any ideas, like I said, go ahead and put them down and like the video. This is Jay Cradeur with The Rideshare Guy. Be safe out there.

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