This Week: $30 Per Hour For Drivers in This California City

This week in rideshare news – California recently voted to increase Uber and Lyft driver wages, specifically to $30 an hour and a passenger reported that a rideshare driver was carrying a firearm causing the driver to lose his job.

Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Cecily and it’s this weekend ride share news. I’m going to jump right into it. A lot of these stories you’ve probably already heard this week, but we’ve got a little different take on it. Just a slight slant.

This California city just voted to give a $30 minimum wage to Uber and Lyft drivers.

City officials working with mobile workers alliance voted $30 per hour. Sounds Generous, but they did this to a lot for $15 to go towards car maintenance, gas, that sort of thing, and $15 take home pay. So that’s not really a lot of when you think of it like that, but that’s probably what’s needed, right? What’s needed to actually make money this way. And for many of us who started this a long time ago, these weren’t easy values to make. You didn’t even have to think about it. So Kudos to El monte. How about I didn’t even know that a city could do this. And I know you learn something new every day.

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Cecily, I didn’t even know that the city could do something like this. So I’m like what’s that Los Angeles like, just to put my business out there. I just rented an apartment and my old neighborhood that I moved out two years ago, I am paying $1,000 more for rent than I did two years ago. Okay. Guys, like the housing market is so crazy here in Los Angeles and at the same time the wages are not increasing. Like I’m having headhunters contact me and they’re offering the same salary and wages that they did at least 10 years ago. Like it makes no sense how people are expected to spend over a thousand or more dollars to live in their city, but we’re not getting paid more. So, uh, El Monte wants to address the fact the homelessness situation, housing here in southern California and other parts of the country I’m sure is very, very expensive. And they’re like, you know what? Not on our watch. We’re going to make sure that those who are helping our city with doing ride share are going to be paid for it. And for those of you who enjoy this work, you know, those of you who liked doing this and nothing wrong with that, I feel like, you know what? Dammit, you should be paid more for it. Love it. El Monte, you guys are the ish.

Uber spent $200K a year on balloons for staff anniversaries; stickers to be used instead

I know you’ve probably heard this story on how, Uber is trying to save money and for their Uber versary fees, which is like the years with the company that they have opted to not pay for helium balloons to gift the employees with stickers. Yeah. So I know you guys have heard this story at least if you guys want you to content at this point, but I wanted to find some footage of this and I kinda did and I kind of didn’t. So here are some employees and Vietnam, AKA Saigon Hoochie men and they are having a good time and there are definitely some helium balloons here guys. I don’t think there’s 200,000 of them.But there’s a production going on and it’s things like this I think Uber is going to tighten up on. So, I thought that was cute. I don’t just keep watching the video.

There’s more to come, more to come in.

Can You Bring a Gun in an Uber?

Uber driver is fired for carrying a firearm and he says that the rules need to change. Marc D’Andre drives in Detroit and he says that a passenger reported that he was carrying a firearm and he lost his job. He’s actually used the gun and situations, tooth wart, car jackings and other like potentially harmful activity. He said it’s something that can, that allows him to feel safe and that in certain parts of the country is definitely needed a, with the amount of things that have happened to drivers, we know that some riders bring weapons, ear passengers, habitat drivers, they carry weapons. Deandre said that he was able to hold onto his car and keep from having his car stolen. With these, we know with having a gun in his car, we know that this work, it can be dangerous. We know that if you don’t protect yourself that you could potentially be harmed or have your property stolen. My question to you, do you think that Uber and Lyft should change their fire arms policy? Let me know in your comment

Anyway in this story. This is happened to me so many times. These two girls agreed of video there. They’re rapping and you know they’re doing theirs being probably for the gram. Okay. And this woman gets in the backseat of their car. You both see here, right? It’s good river. You gotta watch it.


This has happened to me so many times. I mean like where people will get in the car and I’ve screamed. I’ve turned around and said get out. And then they pried a fight. What you would say, Oh I, you know, I thought you were my hero. Yeah, my car. Obviously I am not your Uber. That was crazy. Right? Anyway, that is it for me this week. If you are not subscribed to this channel, please subscribe right now. The rRdeshare Guy Channel has a lot of information, resources and tips, things you could use if you do this kind of work. If you’re curious about who I am and what I do, my name is Cecily. I have a channel called Drive Girl Drive where I talk about ridesharing, entrepreneurship, that sort of thing, and you can find me on Youtube or Facebook. That’s what’s up. Have a great weekend. Talk to you soon guys. Bye!


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