10 Things Uber and Lyft Drivers Should Not Do

I typically like to focus on what drivers should do to earn more and spend less, but I think it’s equally helpful to learn what NOT to do as a driver. Kon over at RideShare Tips on Youtube put together a great list of 10 things drivers shouldn’t do, and it’s a list of ideas that will help you improve both your earnings and your ratings.

Take a look at Kon’s video, then read the video transcript below to see all the points he covers.

What’s up, guys? Kon here with RideShare Tips, and in today’s video I’m gonna go over the top 10 things that you should not be doing if you’re an Uber or a Lyft driver. I’ve personally made these mistakes in the past before I learned the hard way, and I’m gonna share it with you so you don’t make the same mistakes that I did.

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Don’t ask for a five-star rating

The number one thing that you probably shouldn’t be doing as an Uber driver is asking for a five star rating. I’ve been in several Ubers in the past before and when we’re coming up to my destination, the driver turned around, looked at me, and said, “Hey, please give me a five star rating if you enjoyed your ride.” No sh**.

Don’t start the trip before the passenger enters your car

Number two thing you shouldn’t do is start the trip before your passenger gets in the car. There’s gonna be a lot of times when you pull up to the pickup location and the passenger isn’t there yet. It’s going to be very tempting to hit start trip so you start tallying up your fare, even though you only get 15 cents per minute. But still, it’s very tempting and do not do this, because I’ve had it in the past where the passenger did not come out, and there’s no way to cancel a ride after you started. You’re gonna have to end the trip, and it’s not gonna look good on your end.

So, when you pull up to the destination, if the passenger isn’t coming out, just give them a call, shoot them a text, but be sure you hit start trip after they’re in the car. And make sure it’s the correct passenger as well.

Don’t suck up to your passenger

For number three I got, don’t ask too many questions and don’t try to kiss ass. I know a lot of new drivers really stress about keeping their ratings up, which can lead to you being annoying to your passengers. There’s gonna be a lot of unanswered questions, a lot of forced conversations. Guys, a passenger can pick up when you’re trying to kiss their ass. So really, don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t want to converse with you, just focus on finishing your trip and collecting the fare.

Don’t be a jerk!

Tip number four, don’t be an asshole. I don’t really have a segue for that one. Just don’t be an asshole.

Don’t take a phone call while you have a passenger in the car

Tip number five is gonna be don’t take a phone call when you have a passenger in the car. So, you know, if you’re popular like me, people might be calling you while you have a passenger in the car. Don’t answer it. Let it go to voicemail, call them back when you finish the ride. If it’s really an emergency or if it’s something that you really can’t avoid, ask the passenger, “Hey, do you mind if I take this call?” A lot of times, they’re not gonna care, and if they do care, well, just don’t be an asshole.

Don’t drive around with a dirty car

The next thing that you shouldn’t be doing is do not drive around with a dirty car. Guys, if you know you’re gonna be out Ubering or Lyfting that day, make sure your car is clean both on the inside and out. Passenger gets into your car and there’s dirt all over the floors and the seats, gonna get a one star rating and chances are, you’re not gonna get a tip. It’s all about the tips, baby!

Don’t be a creep

The next thing that you shouldn’t do is basically, don’t be a creep. There’s gonna be a lot of cute girls or lot of cute guys or whatever you’re into, they’re gonna get into your car and you’re gonna be very tempted to ask them for their phone number. However, this is a very slippery slope because let’s say they’re not into it. They’re gonna report you, and Uber will deactivate your account. So, if you’re really feeling it, if you think the conversation is flowing, then do it at your own risk. I’m not saying it’s impossible. It has been done in the past.

Don’t play bad music

Next thing you shouldn’t do as a driver is don’t play your terrible music. Let’s say you’re like a young guy, kind of like me, and an older person gets into your car, don’t blast your dub step. Play something that you think is appropriate for the passenger and sometimes you can even ask the passenger, “Hey, man, what do you want to listen to?” I’ve personally been in Ubers before where like we’re pre-gaming, the Uber’s here, we get in the car, and they’re playing jazz. Come on. So basically, don’t play boring music and don’t play death metal if a grandma’s getting in your car.

Don’t smoke in your car

Next thing you shouldn’t do is don’t smoke in your car. If you’re a smoker, even if you’re not working that day, don’t smoke in your car. Because we all know that cigarette smell lingers for quite some time. We’ve all gotten into a car before where as soon as you get in you can tell, damn, this guy smokes like three packs a day. Lot of people like myself hate the smell of smoke, it’s a huge turn-off. Look, if you want to smoke a Stogie, that’s fine. Just pull over on the side of the road and smoke on the sidewalk.

Don’t dress like a slob

Next thing you shouldn’t do is don’t dress like you just rolled out of bed. Now, I’m not telling you to put on a suit and tie while you’re out Ubering, just don’t wear a tank top and basketball shirts because it just doesn’t look good. Now, I’m not trying to tell you how to dress, I obviously know nothing about style, but, you know, there’s a lot of BO going on if you’re wearing a tank top. If you’re really worried about keeping your ratings up, probably put on a pair of pants and just a T-shirt. That’s all it takes.

No politics!

And last, but certainly not least, do not talk politics.

All right, so those are my top 10 picks on what not to do if you’re an Uber or Lyft driver. Guys, if you think I missed anything, comment down below. As always, guys, thank you for watching. If you’re not yet a subscriber, already, then just do it. It’s not hard to do, everyone’s doing it. Drive safe, and I’ll see you out there on the road.

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