10 Myths About Uber in 2019

A lot of people have a lot of different things to say about Uber in 2019. Everyone has their own take! What’s fact, and what’s fiction?

Your Driver Mike on YouTube made a solid video covering several common Uber myths that passengers and drivers should know about.

Take a look at his video, and scroll to the transcript below if you prefer to read.

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1. Riding or driving with Uber is dangerous

Let’s be real here. If you’re using Uber or if you’re using another ride sharing platform like Lyft, or if you’re using just a traditional taxi service, all of the services have an inherent risk. Now, what you’ll find if you’re using the Uber platform as a passenger or taking rides as a driver, that the vast, vast majority of these rides are safe.

2. It’s easy to be an Uber driver

Now the skill set to for ride share is pretty straight forward, but as a passenger, let’s just take a moment to understand what our driver is managing. Your driver is managing traffic, watching the GPS, managing unfamiliar neighborhoods and roads, talking to you perhaps as a passenger, managing multiple passengers in the vehicle, especially during those bar hours; they are dealing with at varying at times of when they’re going to drive throughout the day. That can be taxing on the body and more.

3. Drivers talk too much

Speaking of your driver, another myth of Uber is that your driver will talk and talk and talk and talk with you as a passenger. Now, yes, there are some drivers out there that just can’t pick up on these social cues that you don’t really want to talk during your ride as a passenger, but again, what you’ll find for the most part with Uber, is that most drivers are understandable and can pick up if you really don’t want to talk.

4. Driving for Uber is absolutely crazy!

Some people say driving for Uber is crazy because of you will drive drunk passengers and they will throw up in your car. Now guys, I am not naive to the fact that if you’re driving those late night bar hours, that yes, you will pick up drunk passengers and yes, there will be the threat to that. One of them may throw up in your vehicle. As someone who’s done thousands of ride share rides as a driver during those exact bar hours, I can tell you that, in general, it is a myth that someone, a passenger, will throw up in your car. I want to make a note here that it does in part fall on you as a driver to manage the vehicle and to watch those of passengers and also carry sick bags in your vehicle just in case you can pick up on those cues. If they are looking like they might get sick, you’ll be prepared.

5. Uber charges extraordinarily high prices for their rides

The reason this is at least in part a myth is because years ago, Uber updated their platform for passengers to what’s called upfront pricing. In the past, Uber would have the traditional surge multiplier, where pay two x, three x, four x, et cetera, during those high demand times. Now, however you as a passenger will see the price for your ride ahead of time, so it’s up to you to either approve or deny that cost. Remember, there are price options for you as a passenger. You can offset the overall price of your Uber x ride by splitting the cost with another passenger, friend, that’s taking that ride or you can opt for economy options like UberPool.

6. Everyone drives for Uber

Now, I’ll admit there is some truth to that. It seems like everyone knows somebody or they’ve tried to drive for Uber themselves or they know a friend that’s driven for Uber, but there is some opportunity for that side hustle at least part time in new markets.

7. Passengers will trash your vehicle

Now, this just isn’t true. As someone who has done both Uber and Lyft as a driver, I did not have passengers over those thousands of rides really clutter my vehicle when driving. You can have a protection measures if you like, like a portable garbage can if you’re concerned about litter, but all in all and in general, your passengers really aren’t going to mess up your vehicle, at least too much. Make sure to check the backseat of your vehicle after every ride as you will have inevitably some passengers that litter.

8. Tips to your driver are actually included in the fare

Perhaps a myth from a few years ago, but for those that don’t know, tips are actually not included in the fare to your driver. Now, tips are also not mandatory, but they are appreciated by your driver.

9. Uber is a massively successful company

Now this one’s a yes and no. Certainly Uber is massively popular and it is respectfully very successful, as a dominates the ride share market, but when we talk about profitability, they still struggle as a company. So much so, that Uber’s are bringing a one point $8 billion loss into their upcoming initial public offering later this year.

10. Uber hires anyone

Now there has been a controversy around the background check process for onboarding new drivers, but do keep in mind that Uber does run federal, state, county, as well as DMV background checks on their drivers. Perspective drivers with a DUI, violent or sexual related offenses, are not eligible to drive for Uber.

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