Top 5 Products For Rideshare Drivers

Jonathan, a contributor at The Rideshare Guy, shows us five products he researched that will improve your Uber and Lyft driving experience. It’s a great list of products, so check out the video and then read the transcript to get links to the products.

Phone Mount

Having your phone mounted is absolutely essential when you’re driving for Uber or Lyft. Not only does it improve your safety, it’s required by law in many areas. Having your phone mounted can even improve your ratings. Passengers like to feel safe and they won’t feel that way if you’re staring at your lap every few seconds. I use the Scosche Magic Mount, but you can find more great options, including the Kenu airframe which mounts to your car’s vents and the sturdy Ram X-Grip for the ultimate in durability.

Dash Cam

When driving for Uber the biggest threat to your safety is other people. If another driver causes an accident a dash cam is an ever vigilant witness that can tell police and insurance companies exactly what happened. Not only that, but having a dash cam can also protect you from drunk or unruly passengers. They’ll be less likely to behave like this if they know they’re on camera.

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Dash cams are legal in all 50 states. But if you’re recording passengers you may want to attach a disclaimer to your car windows, as laws vary slightly by location. I use this Zero Edge mirror camera, which records from both angles, but there are plenty more options, including the ever-popular Falcon F360. See our comprehensive dash cam review for more info.

Chargers and Cables

Cables keep your phone charged and keep the music flowing, two important facets of any long day on the job. Most people don’t know this, but all USB chargers are not created equal. If your phone charges slowly or not at all, it’s probably because it’s not getting enough amps. Fix this by getting a high amp charger, 2.4 or above. You can find a 2.4-amp charger with USB ports for up to four devices here, enough to charge your passengers’ phones, too. If you’re not getting enough amps from your car you can also just get a battery pack, just in case.

Tip Jar

Every Uber driver knows that tips are not included in fares, and recent court decisions have confirmed that it’s perfectly okay to ask for tips, contrary to what Uber may have told its drivers in the past. This awesome tip box looks professional, lets you insert any sign you want, and could quickly pay for itself in an evening or two. Plus, you can insert any sign you like. Creative ones usually produce the best results. You can even make your own tip jar. You shouldn’t expect a tip on every ride, but if you feel like you’re providing an above-average experience, it may be good to at least include a sign and educate your passengers. Many passengers don’t know how drivers are paid and they don’t know that tips aren’t included.


When you first sign up to drive, Uber and Lyft only give you a boring card to put on your dash. Good luck being seen at night with this thing. These light up signs are cheap and can be customized with your name, providing passengers with a five-star experience right off the bat. Plus, you can easily turn them off when you’d rather not be identified. There are other light up sign options available online too, so be sure to check them all out if you frequently drive at night.

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