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Being a rideshare driver is a great way to make some money but if you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for the next big opportunity.  The Rideshare Guy and Maximum Ridesharing Profits video training course have turned out to be a great way to monetize all of the skills and knowledge I’ve learned from driving.  So if you’re thinking about starting a website or a course of your own to help monetize your expertise and give yourself a platform, here’s a quick website blueprint that shows you what’s going on behind the scenes of this site.

Building your own blog, website, or Youtube channel on ridesharing or any other topic that you’re passionate about could turn into a real opportunity so I encourage you to give it some serious thought.

The Maximum Ridesharing Profits Website Blueprint

  • Domain: Godaddy – You can get a domain from GoDaddy for around $10 a year or less. Don’t get too caught up dreaming up the perfect name though. Something brief and descriptive is always a good start.
  • Host: Deluxe hosting – Our original host LiquidWeb was bought out by Deluxe Hosting. We use a shared hosting plan, which only costs around $20 per month. Plans from other hosting providers like Blue Host and Host Gator are great for new websites though and much cheaper.
  • Web design: Optimize Press – Optimize Press is a WordPress Plugin and that makes page design a lot easier. It’s what we used to create the home page, the blog, and the course video pages. You can either pay a one-time fee, or you can pay monthly to get ongoing customer support.  There are some newer options you can consider too like LeadPages if you’re building a course.
  • Membership software and affiliate program: Digital Access Pass – This is a plugin that allows course buyers to get a username and a password. It hides course pages from non-members and comes with an automated affiliate system.
  • Email service: Aweber – We use Aweber to help us collect email addresses and send newsletters and autoresponders. It’s a lot easier than managing your own email server, and it lets us send targeted emails to different types of readers.
  • Lead generation: SumoMe – This is a popular plugin that creates popup ups and opt in forms that grab people’s attention and ask them to opt in to our email list. It works really well, even if it’s a bit intrusive.

I recorded a podcast that goes into even more detail

If you’re looking for a bit more detail about the inner workings of this site, check out RSG Podcast #48. I give some background on how I started this site, and I interviewed our backend/marketing guy Doug. Give that a listen if you want to know even more about how this site works.

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Ready to Maximize Your Ridesharing Profits?

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