Should I Worry About My Uber Rating As A New Uber Driver?

If you’re a newer Uber driver, you might be wondering how the Uber driver rating system works and whether you should even worry about your rating as a new driver. It’s not like a traditional rating system. A four-star rated restaurant on Yelp is an awesome restaurant, something I’d definitely go try. But a four-star rated Uber driver is someone who’s gonna be kicked off the platform! In most aspects of life, four out of five stars is a good rating, but it’s not for Uber drivers.

Check out my video on ratings for new drivers, then read the transcript below!

The basics of the Uber driver rating system

When I first got started as an Uber driver, I was at 4.9 for a few days. And then all of a sudden, I was a 4.8 and I had no idea why. Your passenger has the option to rate you one, two, three, four, or five stars. Most of the time, as long as you did a good job, they’ll leave you a five-star rating. But the thing that you have to keep in mind is that your passenger has the option to rate you, so they don’t have to rate you at the end of every trip. I’d say the majority, maybe 50, 60, 70% of passengers will rate you after the trip’s over. A little notification pops up on their Uber app, and they’ll go ahead and leave you a rating. Some might rate you a few days later and then some might never rate you.

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But over time, as you get hundreds and hundreds of rides under your belt, a bad rating here and there won’t have a big impact, right? Once you have hundreds of five stars, it really won’t have a huge impact to get less than five stars. But when you’re first getting started and you only have a few five-star ratings, obviously just one three-star rating can drop you all the way down to a 4.8 or a 4.6, or even like a 4.4, but it’s only because you have low number of rides.

Should you care about your ratings early on?

Should you care about your rating when you’re first getting started? The answer is: Sort of. Uber cuts you some slack when you’re first getting started. When you’re first getting started, you might make a mistake. In that case, I’d just be open and honest with the passenger, “Hey, I’m just getting started. I’m just learning.” But Uber only cuts you some slack within those first 30 to 50 rides, and it the number of rides depends on your market.

If your ratings are too low, they’ll let you know. They should email you or text you and say, “Hey, you’re at 20 rides, you need to bring your rating up to a 4.6 by the time you get to 50 rides or 40 rides.” And every market is different, but it’s usually along those lines. Basically, they’ll cut you some slack. Eventually though, you do need to get your ratings up. You do need to care. You can have a bad rating here and there, but you really want to get your rating up sooner rather than later.

4.8 is a good target rating

I think a good target to shoot for is a 4.8 star rating. There’s drivers out there with 4.9, 4.95, but I think 4.8 is like a really good and safe target. Because when you’re at 4.6, that’s when you start to risk deactivation. And 4.8 I think is about the average or probably even just slightly above average, so it’s definitely a good spot to shoot for. Unfortunately, if you’re just getting started as driver Uber doesn’t do a great job giving you feedback. They’ll email you, they’ll text you, say, “Hey, you need to get your rating up by this point,” but they don’t always offer you much in the way of training.

They might send you to a class where you have to pay 60 bucks just to get your ratings back up, but there are a lot of things or a lot of tactics and strategies you can use and figure out on your own.

Don’t worry too much about the ratings, because if you’re constantly thinking, “What can I do? What can I do better?” It’s gonna stress you out and probably even make you worse. As you do more and more rides, hopefully your score is gonna go up. If your score isn’t going up as you do more and more rides, you really want to assess what you’re doing or maybe even what you’re not doing.

Take a ride as a passenger to get insights on your rating

I always recommend that you go out and take some rides as a passenger. Get a free promo code and sign up on Uber and Lyft as a passenger. You can learn a lot from those drivers, what they do well, what they’re not doing well. Obviously, if you get a five-star rated driver, you want to talk to him, see what they are doing. If you get a 4.6 rated driver, see what they’re doing or not doing. And that’s my number one tip for new drivers.

The other big thing is to practice navigation. A lot of low ratings happen because of navigation. If you’re not accustomed to the city or you’re not accustomed to using your navigation and GPS, you risk a lot of low ratings. Make sure that you go out and practice using your app.

I have a ton of more resources on ratings so definitely feel free to hop in and check out my blogs, podcasts, and Youtube videos about ratings. Hopefully that answered you guys’ question. If you have anything else for me, definitely feel free to like, comment, subscribe, and I’ll make sure that I get back to you if you have any questions. Take care!

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