The Maximum Ridesharing Profits Course

Maximum Ridesharing Profits is the course that I’ve created for rideshare drivers just like yourself. I wanted to create a platform that will guide you, teach you and show you how to become a successful rideshare driver.

Why Create The Course?

Unfortunately, there is a huge gap in training that rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft don’t provide to their drivers. They are very eager to sign up drivers, but many new drivers often feel like they’re alone out there on the roads.  This has caused a lot of drivers to become frustrated starting out because they aren’t making the money that was either promised to them or that they hope could be made. These drivers then turn to a place like the internet to find answers and looking for solutions to this and that’s where we come in.

What’s Exactly In Maximum Ridesharing Profits?

This course is a complete step-by-step tutorial from the first day you start driving to giving you our most advanced strategies. Our course is split up into two sections: Standard and Gold. Our standard course is an overview targeted towards new drivers that guides them on requirements and explaining the differences between the services. Then we transition into how the rating system works and we give our best pieces of advice on how to be a 5 star driver. We’ll also give new drivers basic strategies to get them started on the road and make some money driving for Uber and Lyft.

Our Gold course is what we’re really excited the most about. This is for those ready to really step up their rideshare game to the next level and this is where we teach our most advanced strategies that we use to make the most out of driving for Uber and Lyft. We go into great detail over where to find pickups at all times during the day and night. We also teach on how to make the most out of surge pricing (a lot of drivers miss the big opportunity here!). And we wrap up the Gold course by answering common questions, including tax stuff (which is often overlooked and a big part of keeping your profits).

What Have Other People Said About Your Course?

11004303_10203717201236088_1520807894_nUber Man (Randy Shear)
YouTube Channel

“Uber Man here, and I 100% recommend this course. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new driver, a seasoned driver, or even someone just considering ridesharing. I’ve been ridesharing for over sixteen months, and I learned a few tricks from taking this class myself. I highly recommend, and 100% endorse this content. After all, we should all be focused on Maximizing our Ridesharing Profits!”


Andrew Jackson
Cincinnati Rideshare Driver

“If you are serious about ride sharing and optimizing your profits, the course is an absolute necessity. Whether you are a new driver or an experienced veteran, these time tested strategies will help you to soar above the rest, in ANY market. As a seasoned veteran who was happy with their earnings, I still picked up tips and tricks that I am implementing and seeing results from. I fully support this course, and you’ll be glad that you did too.”

Where Can I Get My Copy Of Maximum Ridesharing Profits?

Our Gold course (which includes the Standard course) is on sale for $97 and we fully stand behind this product.  If you are unhappy for any reason within 14 days, please e-mail us and we’ll return your money.

If you’re ready to buy this course, please click here to be taken to our sales page.

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Ready to Maximize Your Ridesharing Profits?

Take your ridesharing profits to the next level with Maximum Ridesharing Profits, the online video course I created to give you the advanced tactics and techniques that expert drivers use to make more money.

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