Lyft 1,000 Ride Jacket Unboxing

I want to share a quick unboxing video for the Lyft 1000 Ride Jacket, which Rideshare Guy contributor Christian recently earned. Lyft will send this out to you after you hit a thousand Lyft rides, which is a nice touch, considering that if you do a thousand Lyft rides, you’ll possibly start to get a little burned out from driving. It’s nice for them to send something that says, “Hey, thanks for doing all these rides!”

Check out the video, then read the transcript below and leave a comment if you want to start a conversation.

The jacket comes in a box, you’ll notice that it comes with this little handwritten card from the Lyft team, “Hey, thanks for doing a thousand rides! Super awesome!” A nice little touch. Inside “With a milestone this big, you gotta show it off.” All right!

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This is what the jacket looks like. When you pull it out, you’ve got the Lyft logo and some pockets. The material’s pretty good. Inside’s pretty comfortable too. This is how it generally fits. A lot of people say that the jacket actually is a little bit big, so if you want a tighter fit, order a size lower than what you are. If you’re a large, order medium. If you’re a medium, order a small.

There’s little drawstrings on the side so you make the jacket a little bit tighter. I will say that if you’re going to be in the rain, it’s probably not going to be a great jacket. But what the jacket’s actually really good for is when you’re in your car and you have the windows down and you’re driving, and then you get passengers and roll up the windows back up. For a lot of people who’ve worn really heavy jackets, you’d probably start sweating after a while, but this is something you can wear comfortably between 50-75 degrees.

I find I can keep my car keys in here. Actually, I drove down to San Diego and wore it the whole time down to just see how it feels. And it was good, it was comfortable. It worked out well.

Overall, I think it’s a great jacket. You can’t bargain with the value of free, right? If you do more than 1000 rides, if you do 5,000 rides or 20,000 rides, they won’t send you 5 to 20 jackets, but just make sure it lasts a while. So this is a Lyft jacket. If you get it, congrats!

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