What is it Like to Order Food From UberEats Instant Delivery Option?

UberEATS is one of the apps I’ve been thinking about trying as a driver. A lot of you guys have been asking me to review UberEATS and the first thing that I actually do before I try out any new service as a driver is to try it from the customer’s side of the app. So one good reason is that you get free food! And the other reason is because I want see how it works for the customer.

Take a look at my video on UberEATS, then read the transcript below.

If you guys have never heard of UberEATS, it’s actually Uber’s stand-alone new delivery platform and I’m gonna show you guys right here on my phone, sort of what it looks like. Here I am on the Uber Passenger app and you see how up in the right-hand corner, there’s like a little button that’s with a plate and a fork.

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How UberEats works: Standalone vs Instant Delivery

So I’m gonna click that and then boom, it takes me over to UberEATS.  They have a stand-alone app and I’ll go through it a little bit more later. UberEATS stand alone app is just like a Postmates and DoorDash, where you can order from any restaurant on their list and then get food delivered, and they have a pretty extensive list. The actual courier will go and place the order or UberEATS will go and place the order, and then it comes to you just sort of like a Postmates or a DoorDash.

I’m not gonna go too much into that, because I’ve sort of covered that before. But I am gonna talk about the instant delivery option with UberEATS. Because I think that’s pretty cool and that’s sort of one of the biggest benefits of UberEATS and why people are doing it, and I’ll explain right now how it works. As a customer you have to five to seven different options. The driver, at the beginning of their shift, go to an Uber hotspot and they get all the food options at once.

So they’ll go to the restaurants or go to the places, get all the food. So now they’re rolling around with like different meals and different cookies, and all these kind of different things. So whatever combination the customer orders on UberEATS, they’ll basically be able to fill it in real-time. So it’s sort of like ordering an UberX, right?

But instead of them going and placing the order, that UberEATS delivery person has all the food in their car ready to go. And there was actually a pretty funny skit with Stephen Colbert, where he interviewed Travis Kalanick. I’ll leave a link below, you guys can check it out. He was like, “Man, I don’t want much of Uber drivers rolling around with tuna sandwiches.” So that was pretty funny, definitely check it out. Let me show you guys the app real quick. I found the selection to be pretty diverse. So if you hit here and it says instant delivery, right here.

So these are the instant delivery options, you can see that right now it’s like four minutes to instant delivery. So that means that this food can be here in four minutes. It might not be super clear and easy to see, you guys can check it out on UberEATS. You can see, these are all the different options and price points. So they have a pretty extensive selection, right. That’s five or seven things right there. So it’s definitely not one or two things, where even kind of joking with tuna sandwich. I’ve found the selection to be pretty diverse, actually the menu rotates each and every single day.

Good variety and reasonable prices but slightly higher than normal

So not only are they adding one or two new different restaurants every day, but also for example if you get chicken from one restaurant one day, the next day they’ll have beef or something like that sort of mixing it up too with a variety, even if it is from the same restaurant. So that was kind of cool. The prices definitely seem reasonable. Some of the items are more expensive than the listed menu price. When I looked it up and sort of verified a Bay City Sandwich, which is a popular sandwich place here in LA was actually $11 for a large turkey sandwich on the UberEATS app.

But I know that that sandwich is like eight or nine bucks, I think if you buy it at the store. But then a salmon plate that I saw from Z Garden here in Santa Monica was actually $11 on UberEATS app. And when I looked it up on their website, it was $13. I guess the one on the website, maybe if you go into the store and order it’s a little bit bigger and I don’t think they include the salad with UberEATS. That’s one thing to consider, but the prices are definitely reasonable. It’s not like they’re trying to up-charge you a ton of money.

So I actually placed my first UberEATS order and I ordered, like I said from a restaurant called the Z Garden in Santa Monica. This was a new place, I’ve never tried before. Eats actually shows you a pretty nice picture of the food, like it’s a high quality picture. You actually see what you’re gonna get. It has a description, when you click on the picture and then obviously it tells you the cost and where it’s from, what’s restaurant. One thing I didn’t like, that there wasn’t a restaurant rating. I mean me personally I love Yelp.

So I’m always checking, before I go anywhere I’m always looking on Yelp. If I wanna try a new place or even if I just wanna see what I should order at a current place, I’m always checking Yelp. This restaurant turned out to have 3.5 star rating, which is obviously not great. I usually try to eat at four stars and above. So maybe that’s why they don’t show the ratings. But either way that was kind of one complaint I guess you would say that I had, about the actual ordering process and on the UberEATS side of the app.

I got my food in six minutes!

So I actually ordered the food right around 12:15, lunch time and I got it in six minutes. So I actually timed the delivery guy. And I placed a second order that same day about half hour or an hour later and it took 20 minutes. I placed a few orders since, that seems to be the general range. I think six minutes is on the fast side, but generally you’ll get it in that like five to 15 or 20 minutes range, which is obviously significantly faster than any order you’ll place with Postmates or DoorDash. Because the drivers aren’t driving around with the food. They have to go to the restaurant, park, order it, pick it up and then bring it to you. So it’s definitely a different experience.

Now, the first order that I got was actually the salmon plate that I talked about. So it was like packaged in a nice little combo, salmon on top of a better rice with a couple of little veggies and some hummus, and a little container for dipping garlic sauce or something like that and it was good. The food wasn’t superhot, so I actually stack it in the microwave for about 60 seconds. The salmon itself, like as for the actual food was a tiny bit over cooked for me personally. But still had a lot of good flavor, the rice and hummus was good.

Instant Delivery food is usually good for re-heating

So overall it was definitely a fresh meal. It didn’t taste like it had been rolling around in the back of someone’s car, for hours upon a time. It’s sort of tasted like it had just been ordered, but maybe didn’t get to you super quick. So that’s definitely something to keep in mind. I actually placed a second order, because I wanted to experiment a little more. And I put that in the fridge overnight and then gave it to my wife for lunch for the next day, got her review. According to my wife, she says that meal was bomb. So if you take her advice, even if you can kind of re-heat the food, it was definitely good.

So that’s sort of one way. For me I think I paid $5 for the delivery fee and the price is obviously gonna vary, and going forward might be higher or lower depending on promotions and all that stuff. But that could be a good way to cut down on the delivery cost. Because if you order two meals at once, you’ll only pay one delivery fee. So you’re not getting like the freshest of the freshest food anyway. So maybe you refrigerate one of those meals that you order, and then eat at the next day. I mean I guess you just wanna think, “Will it re-heat well?”

Usually stuff like Asian food or Mediterranean, stuff like that. Chicken, veggies, rice will re-heat pretty well. But obviously a sandwich from Bay Cities, isn’t gonna be eaten a day off. One thing I noticed, speaking of sandwiches is there wasn’t an option to add or remove condiments or anything like that. So with Uber instant option if you’re a really picky eater, you may not like that aspect. One thing that I thought was weird actually was that you have to meet the driver at the cab. So I didn’t even realize this.

You have to meet your driver at their car

I’m sitting here waiting for my order and then the Uber app notifies me that the UberEATS driver was there. So I went to my front door, looked outside. I’m used to ordering on Postmates and DoorDash. So I was sort of waiting for this guy to come up to my door and was like a stand-off. I was sitting there at the window, like staring at him and it looked kind of like he was staring at me and after a minute or two, I finally went out there and then that’s when I realized I was sort of looking at the app at that time. You actually have to go meet the courier on UberEATS at least, you have to meet the courier at their car.

So that’s one nice thing for the drivers, but I think there is gonna be a little bit of a learning curve. Because I didn’t even realize that from the passenger side. It was sort of odd though I’d say, like rolling up to this UberEATS driver, and he has all these towels in his back seat, and like these big hot bags, that sort of look kind of like used and grimy. I don’t know, it didn’t seem super sanitary. But I guess the food is packaged and all that. So I don’t know, maybe Uber has to do something about that. It’s a new service, so they’re still working things out.

But as far as actual payment. So I’m trying this from the customer side of the app obviously. So I paid $17 for that first lunch, for that salmon lunch. It was good. Was it worth $17? I don’t know man, it’s pretty expensive I think for lunch. Most lunches though are gonna be in that $15 to $20 range, and obviously you’re paying for not only the convenience but also the speed. If this meal can get to you in five to 20 minutes, that’s faster than any place you can order from and in true Uber fashion. It says right there on the app.

Uber lets passengers know that you don’t need to tip – Not great for drivers!

It was very clear actually that there was no need to tip. So that was one thing I thought that was sort of interesting, like even me someone who is familiar with these services couldn’t figure out that I needed to go meet the courier on the sidewalk, but I did see over and over that there was no need to tip. So that’s one thing to consider. If you’re driving or if you’re a customer either, Uber kind of clearly makes that known. I’m sure you could still hook up your delivery person with a tip and they would be pretty happy though.

So for me the other thing I just wanna mention is that ride credit actually applies to these order. So that was one cool thing for me. Like I had a $20, actually Uber ride credit. So like on Uber, the passenger rideshare service I have a $20 credit and so your Uber account and UberEATS account are sort of linked, even though they’re through a separate app. I actually applied, somehow applied one of those ride credits to my UberEATS order. So I got the meal for free. So that was pretty cool, I’ll leave a link below. Because if you guys haven’t signed up as an Uber Passenger or for UberEATS, you can actually get two credits.

So you can get one for signing up for a passenger. You can get that free ride, use it on Uber or use it on UberEATS. Then you can get another one using Eats. So that’s pretty cool. Overall, good first experience with UberEATS. I’m trying out this Uber instant option and obviously you can go in expecting this superhot, super fresh meal, because the meals aren’t rolling around in the back of someone’s car. But the speed of delivery was huge. Some of the Postmates and DoorDash orders I’ve placed in the past have taken over an hour, especially during lunch when it’s busy.

Overall – Very fast service and OK food

So I guess that’s what I’d say kind of like overall, number one, food wasn’t great, but it was good, a little bit expensive and then obviously very fast. So I hope you guys enjoyed this review of UberEATS. Like, comment, subscribe, feel free to ask me any questions you might have and I’ll definitely get back to you. All right, take care guys.

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