iTrue X3 Dashcam Review

We all know that getting a dash cam is a smart idea for drivers, so Rideshare Guy contributor Jonathan Knope took a look at at the iTrue X3 Dashcam. He unboxes it, installs its, and shows you how it performs on the road.

Take a look at his video, read the transcript, and consider getting a dash cam for your own car.

The X3 retails for around $110, though just a disclaimer, iTrue did give us a discount on this one. In the box you’ll find the camera unit, a suction cup mount, 12 volt power cable, USB cable, and an eight gigabyte microSD card.

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The manual states that the camera should only be used with the included 12 volt adapter. I wish iTrue had included a regular 12 volt to USB adapter with multiple ports for other USB devices, like your phone or GPS. Starting in December of 2015, iTrue will be including a charger that does have an additional USB charging port. If you do end up with an older charger like this one though, you should be fine using a regular USB cable and charging hub instead. Just avoid using a high output charger to prevent damage to the battery. The X3 doesn’t come with cable management hooks, so you’ll need some command strip hooks to keep the cord out of the way.

How to mount the iTrue X3

The mount is designed to stick upside down on your windshield, though you could mount it anywhere a suction cup will stick. The suction cup did its job well, however, the joints that aim the camera are very stiff. When rotating the camera, I found myself inadvertently detaching it from the mount. During regular driving though, everything stayed attach just fine.

Another gripe is that the USB power cable prevents the camera from spinning around 360 degrees. There’s only one lens in this camera, so if you need to record an incident inside your vehicle, it may be difficult to get it pointed in the right direction in time.

The included eight gigabyte microSD card held about two hours of footage at a time. Like most dashcams, the X3 is capable of loop recording so the oldest footage will be replaced as the card fills up. It can also set to record automatically when you start your car and stop when you turn it off. Changing the settings is a little tricky at first, but the included manual did a good job of explaining the process.

How’s the video quality and night vision on the iTrue X3?

The camera takes great video. License plates are easily visible and it performs well for both day and night driving. The extra wide 170 degree lens shows a lot of the road and the microphone records clear audio too. [inaudible 02:27]. The night vision on this camera is impressive. If you frequently drive at night, this camera is a great choice since the headlights and streetlights will not wash out and obscure the shot.

Overall this dashcam does a fantastic job at its primary function, keeping an eye on the road. If you want to keep an eye on your passengers too, a dual lens camera may be a better option. However, for video clarity and ease of use, the iTrue X3 is still a worthy contender in the crowded field of dashboard cameras.

To purchase one of these use our affiliate link. Remember, your purchase helps support our site so we can continue to make more videos like this one. If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching and drive safe.

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