How Does UZURV Work?

Have you herd of UZURV, the ride scheduling app? It allows riders to schedule rides with the Rideshare driver of their choice. Jon from The Rideshare Guy made a video that explains what it’s all about. It’s a cool way to get more schedule work, so I think all drivers should know about it and consider using it.

Take a look at Jon’s video, then read the video transcript below if you’d like.

We want to give you guys an overview of how the UZURV app works, what it does, some of the features, benefits and some of the drawbacks.


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UZURV schedules Uber and Lyft rides

The way UZURV works is it allows riders to schedule rides with the Rideshare driver of their choice. It’s not a rideshare app in itself. It actually uses Uber and Lyft and you actually have to take a screen shot of your Uber and Lyft app in order to verify that you’re an Uber or a Lyft driver in order to sign up for UZURV. The actual ride all happens through Uber or Lyft just like any other ride, but the scheduling happens in a different way from the way that it works in the Uber and Lyft apps.

The way it works: A rider posts details about the trip that they want to take, including the start point and the destination and the time and the day when they want to take the ride. Then that ride appears on drivers feeds and different drivers can offer to accept the ride. Then the rider can choose between the different drivers that have accepted and pick the one that they like the best based on their profile, their profile picture, and other details about their car and that sort of thing.

How much does UZURV cost for passengers and drivers?

Usurv charges riders 99 cents and the driver 99 cents per ride that is scheduled through the app. That’s how they make money and in the future they’ve talked about raising that fee to $3.00, both to the driver and to the rider, per ride. Uber and Lyft do let you schedule rides through their apps currently and if you already have a phone people can call you on it and set up a ride if they like you.

Why do you need UZURV?

One of the main things is that it can get you regular clients. It can get you people that want you to drive them specifically and not somebody else and it can help introduce you to those people when you accept their requests through the app. That’s really the main benefit here, is connecting with new people that you might not otherwise have connected with. And of course, they only charge you if you do accept one of those requests and you actually end up doing the ride. So it doesn’t hurt to sign up and just see what’s out there.

Currently it doesn’t have a very large user base. What we’ve heard from drivers is that there aren’t a lot of ride requests that go through the app. It seems like not a lot of riders know about it yet, but that may change in the future. It definitely seems like a decent business model and there are some cool features. Among those features you can set up your driver profile so you can tell the riders a little bit about yourself. You can put a picture and the riders can also set favorite drivers so they can have a list of drivers that they prefer and when they submit a request those drivers will see their request first and have the first opportunity to accept that request.

You can also filter out request by whether they’re UberX, UberXL, UberBlack, and riders can also post incentive for a particular ride. So let’s say they maybe want a ride at a weird time and they’re not sure that any drivers will be around, they can offer an incentive, which goes straight to the driver, through UZURV that offers a little extra incentive to take that request in addition to what you’ll be earning through Uber and Lyft. You can also of course, chat with the rider once you’re set up and connected on a particular ride and it’s all scheduled. You can chat with the rider and exchange information, find out exactly where they are and that kind of thing.

When you do sign up, UZURV has a little bit of marketing materials that they’ll send you. You get some headrest covers, some decals, some referral cards, just kind of things to help promote the service and incentivize people who are already riding in your car to use UZURV to get you again in the future.

You need a good profile to attract customers

So one of the key things about UZURV is of course you have to have a good profile. That’s really essential ’cause the riders do get to pick between different drivers so they’ll be looking at your profile to determine whether or not they want you to come pick them up. So having a good profile is key. Having a good profile picture. It also works well with business cards. If you have business cards that you hand out to your riders you can put some UZURV information on there to maybe get some more requests through the app going that way.

It’s also great if you want to try and plan your day around a certain ride or a certain event or if you have things on the calendar already, UZURV can kind of help you fill in the gaps in your day by taking specific rides because you do get to see the destination ahead of time before you accept. If someone schedules a ride and then later cancels when you get there, UZURV does charge them a $5 cancellation fee and you do get $4 dollars of that. So even if you never make it to the Uber, Lyft system and you’re just going through UZURV there is still a cancellation fees if you wind up driving to a passenger who doesn’t end up taking the trip.

UZURV is best for premium services like Black, XL, and Select

Now, some of the caveats here, it is best obviously with UberBlack, UberXL, Lux, that kind of thing, because the rides generally pay more. If you’re driving a long way for a scheduled Xride and it ends up being a short ride, it’s probably not worth it to take time out of your day to drive all the way to go pick up that particular passenger when you could get a different passenger somewhere else. It definitely does seem to be suited to the higher levels, but you can use this if you’re an UberX driver. You might find some long airport runs in the early morning. So it can still be worthwhile, but it definitely does seem to be more applicable to some of the other tiers of Uber and Lyft.

The other caveat, Uber and Lyft aren’t super happy about this app. They haven’t banned it explicitly. I haven’t heard of anyone being deactivated or reprimanded in any way for using it. But, drivers who have asked about it in the past have been told that Lyft does not support the use of this app and I suspect Uber feels similarly. I think they would rather you go through the built in scheduling rather than through UZURV, but it’s not against the terms of service as far as I know. It’s definitely not illegal so I would encourage you to give this app a shot if it’s something you might be interested in, especially if you have a nicer car or you can write a nice profile. You might find it’s a good source of some extra cash. We will be testing this app out pretty soon so stay tuned for that and in the meantime, thank you so much for watching and drive safe.

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