Should I Go Offline After I Cancel On My Uber Passenger?

You are probably familiar with Uber’s cancellation policy by now: You have to wait five minutes after you’ve arrived in order to get a cancellation fee. But should you go offline after you cancel on your passenger? It might help you avoid bad ratings.

Check out my video, then read the transcript to see what I cover.

I recently started using this cool app on Android called Rideshare Timer. It’s a floating clock widget that sits on top of your Uber app that helps you track your five minutes. Once you arrive, you tap it to begin the timer. It also has some cool texting features, like one that lets you AutoText your passenger. I definitely recommend that you guys check it out.

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Rideshare Timer helps you time pickups so you cancel correctly

I’ve been using Rideshare Timer to track my cancellations because in the past I was always finding that I would get to the pickup and after one or two minutes, I’m like, “Oh, crap, I don’t think these guys are gonna come out on time.” And then I thought to myself, “How long have I been waiting?” The timer helps you be a little more efficient. I’ve been a lot more strict lately, unless passengers will tell me they’re on their way out, or whatever, I cancel them after five minutes and move on.

Your cancelled rider won’t be happy if they re-requst and get you again

But one thing I was finding was that I’d cancel on people, I’d go back online, and guess who my next request would be from? It’d be from that person that I just cancelled on. Because when you cancel on a passenger, they get a notification that their ride has been cancelled. And obviously they’re gonna go right and re-request a ride. And since Uber is based on proximity, right, as to who’s going to get the request if you’re sitting in your car outside their apartment or their house. You’re gonna be the closest driver and you’re going to be that request.

You can avoid your cancelled rider by going offline for a few minutes

I was finding that the person I was cancelling on, obviously they’re not too happy. Because they just got a notification over email from Uber saying I charged them five dollars because they weren’t ready. Even though it’s their fault because they were the ones who weren’t ready, you can imagine that the passengers aren’t super happy about that. They leave lower ratings and they get pissed at you.

There’s a pretty simple solution. What I do to avoid this is I just go offline for two to three minutes after I cancel on someone. So let’s say I arrive, five minutes go by, and they’re not there, and they haven’t contacted me. I usually send a text or something like that. And if they haven’t reached out to me, I cancel that, collect my cancellation fee. And then I actually go offline of Uber for two to three minutes because I know that person is going to get a notification on their app. And they may not be checking it instantly. If they weren’t ready, and they’ve been making me wait for five minutes, they’re probably not staring at their app. So it might be a minute or two before they see that their ride’s been cancelled on. And then they re-request a ride. And I don’t wanna be that driver. So that’s why I log offline.

What I’ve actually been doing even more is flipping on Lyft. Because most Uber passengers after they get cancelled on aren’t gonna switch over to Lyft. They’re just going to re-request a ride on Uber. You can still get your cancellation fee cause you deserve it. You earned it if you’ve been waiting there for five minutes. But you also won’t sacrifice your rating or have to deal with a cranky, upset passenger who you just cancelled on.

If you guys have experienced anything like this, definitely leave a comment below. Let me know what happened. What’s your experience been like? And if you guys have tried out Rideshare Timer, definitely let me know. I’m always looking for feedback on that. I think it’s a cool app and I love to feature more apps like that that are going to help drivers make more money. So if you know of any other apps that are cool, you think I should look into or talk about, just let me know in the comments below. Feel free to like, comment, subscribe to the channel. Look forward to hearing from you guys soon. Take care.

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