How to run a rideshare video training course

There’s a lot that goes into running this site and the Maximum Ridesharing Profits course, so I recorded and filmed a podcast that explains what it’s taken to create this course, and how we keep it running.

It’s a little different from what I normally do because it dives into building a platform, branding yourself as an expert, and creating digital a product.

In the podcast, I explain how I created the course with Brian Cole, then I bring on our current backend/marketing guy Doug Herrera to explain what he does to promote the course and keep everything running smoothly.

Check out the podcast over At TheRideshareGuy. You can listen to it on iTunes, watch it on Youtube, or read the transcript. And if you haven’t already, enroll in Maximum Ridesharing Profits. It’s got a ton of great driving strategy, and it shows you how you can turn your expertise into a monetized resource for other people.

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