New Uber Beacon Unboxing Video

Today I want to share an unboxing video of the new Uber beacon. The Uber Beacon is a light-up device that goes in your driver window that’s supposed to help passengers find your car. Passengers choose which color they want displayed on your beacon, then look for that color on your car.

Take a look at the unboxing video, then read the transcript if you prefer to read.

Transcript of my Uber beacon unboxing video

You can see that right here it comes in this nifty UPS box. So let’s go ahead and take a look. It looks like it comes in a nice white box. You guys can see right here, it’s a white circular box inside of a plastic bag. Let’s take it out and see what it looks like. All right, pretty nice material, sort of a slick matte finish and you can maybe even see right here that there is sort of a faint white Uber logo actually imprinted on the case right here. Definitely some nice quality materials on the actual package. On the back right here there is a little sticker that says designed by Uber in San Francisco, built in China, and then it also has your serial number, which I think we’re going to need in order to pair it to your phone.

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How to correctly install the Uber Beacon

Let’s go ahead and open it looks like there’s a little Uber sticker right here. Just break the seal on that and then get it open. We got it open, right here on the front case it has a little symbol of a phone that says and then this is also I believe the template that we can use. I’ll pull this out right here. Yep and it looks like this is actually the template. You’re going to put this on the outer surface of your windshield of your front windshield just like that, and then you go sit on the inside and then that’s how you actually can install it and make sure that it lines up and stuff like that. I will show you how to do that in the future video. Let me show you what the packaging looks like. That’s the Uber logo and then we’ll go ahead and take it out and this is the actual beacon. I’d say that it probably weighs about maybe 1/4 of a pound, so not too heavy and then obviously that’s the Uber logo right there, you guys can see.

Then on the back there is a little thing that says Uber, so I’m assuming that might light up too. So this is actually the part right here that’s going to light up. We open up the box you can see that it comes with a charging cable right here, that actually looks pretty long, and it also comes with a little USB charger. It’s a 2.4 so that’s two plugs for 2.4 amps, which is good, that means it’ll have plenty of power. Obviously you stick that into your car port and then you can attach this right here. I brought my little battery pack right here so I’m just going to plug this in.

Now were going back now and then let’s plug it in and see what happens. Hopefully it’s going to turn on, I actually don’t know because I haven’t plugged it in yet but we’ll see real quick. Yeah, it did turn on. Hopefully you guys can see it in the light but it sort of rotating a little bit of blue now, might be a little bit harder to see maybe I’ll do another video with the lights off or something like that. We have this Uber basically light up beacon right here now.

How the Beacon works

Basically the way that this works is, you’re going to have this installed in your car. When a passenger requests a ride they actually have a color wheel on their app and they can select which color they want. So it won’t be like a red, yellow, blue, it’ll actually be like a wheel, like you’re in Microsoft paint. Then the passenger selects the color and it’ll actually glow on your Uber emblem that’s on your windshield the same color that they select so they know if they pick up blue shade they’re going to be looking for a blue Uber emblem. I actually think it’s a pretty cool feature and should actually save drivers some time, because you guys know that pickups are often pretty difficult especially in really crowded areas it’s hard to find your passenger.

I’m going to go ahead and unplug this and real quick we’ll try and go ahead and sync it. Before I do that, I also want to show you how it attaches because I think that’s kind of cool too. You can see here that there’s a little thing that I think that if I pull that off. I believe that if I pull it out it actually becomes a magnet. This is actually a magnet. Let me see if I can pull this off, boom just like that. So you can hear that boom and it clicks right in. It’s actually a pretty strong magnet. Pretty hard to get off, so there we go. I got it off, already scuffing it up a little but that’s basically the gist of how it works.

Syncing your Beacon to your phone

Let’s go ahead right now and try and sync it. I’ve got my phone here and it tells you on the instructions to go to and so I’ve went there already and I actually just need to type in the serial number and it actually pulls you up to your Uber Driver app and then once you type in the serial number which again can be found on the back of the box, right here. Then all you do is pair it and it’s done. So right here it says, “Beacon successfully connected.” I’m in my Uber driver app so it looks like it uses the Bluetooth on your phone.

Now this thing is actually paired to my phone so supposedly when I go online right now it’s actually going to light up. Let’s see what happens when I go online. Oh and there you go, you guys see it light up. Now it’s actually full of light right here and actually it’s pretty powerful. Right now it’s a shade of I would call it a light blue, something like that, which might be a little bit hard to see but you guys can kind of check it out right there. I’ll take a shot too of it in the actual dark so that you can see what it looks like, because it does seem like it might be actual pretty powerful light.

I’m in a go ahead and turn it off since I’m online right here and when I go online you can see that it turned off so there we go. That’s an unboxing of the new Uber beacon we’ll definitely have more videos and probably take this thing out and probably give it a test drive.

Which markets get the Beacon?

The Uber beacon is actually not available in all markets yet. Uber is only testing it in certain markets so you guys may not have access to it yet, but Uber will be rolling it out to more and more markets and when you do get it you’ll know how it works, you’ll be able to install it, and I think the installation process is actually pretty easy so we’ll try to do a future video on that. If you guys have any questions feel free to like, comment, and subscribe. Look forward to hearing from you in the future. Take care.

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