What does the Uber tipping option look like?

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of research to find the best Youtube content to help give you guys a fresh perspective from other smart drivers. Aaron, from Your Personal Driver, is putting out some great videos, so I thought I’d share one of his more recent videos about the new uber tipping option. Take…

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Can Uber And Lyft Pick Up Passengers At Your Airport?

We all know by this time that almost every single airport in US allows you to drop off Uber and Lyft passengers without a hassle. But there are still battles going on in a lot of these airports over pick ups. Can Uber and Lyft pick up at your airport? Watch my video to see…

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Should You Ignore the Notifications Uber Sends About Big Events and Holidays?

You’ve probably seen emails, texts messages, and in-app messages from Uber and Lyft promoting the latest big event. Should ignore all the text messages and all the emails that Uber and Lyft send you about big events and holidays? Take a look at my video to see the answer, then check out the transcript if…

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Maximizing your Uber quest bonus incentives

One of the best ways to earn with Uber is through the promotions and incentives that they offer. Today, Ezra from The Rideshare Genius will show you how one of those incentives works: Quest. It’s a per-ride incentive that is now offered in a lot of cities on a regular basis. Take a look at…

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Mystro: An Awesome New App for Uber/Lyft Drivers

Today, Jon from The Rideshare Guy will be taking a look at a new Android app for Rideshare drivers called Mystro. Before we get started, Mystro is one of our affiliate partners, so we do make a small commission when we refer folks through our links. With that said, this app is genuinely helpful. My…

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