What to do if an Uber passenger poops in your car?

What should you do when an Uber passenger poops in your car? You might be thinking, “Wow, that sounds pretty ridiculous,” and it’s a little bit hard for me to say it with a straight face. To be clear, this has never happened to me, but we have actually gotten a couple of emails about…

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Unboxing the Lyft Amp

The Lyft Amp is a cool light-up beacon that Lyft gives to drivers in qualifying cities can get after you’ve given 250 rides. It replaces the front trade dress sticker and makes it easier for passengers to spot your car when you’re doing a pickup. I recently received my Amp beacon, so I made a…

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Postmates vs Rideshare: What’s easier and more profitable?

For this article I partnered with Youtube Jermaine Ellis to talk about something I don’t cover as much here: Delivery apps. Jermaine has tons of experience in all on-demand apps, and he’s especially experienced with delivery apps like Postmates. In this video, he compares delivery to rideshare. Check out Jermaine’s Youtube channel to see more…

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How To Use The New Uber Passenger App (2017 version)

Today, Rideshare Guy contributor Jonathan will show us how to use the latest version of the Uber Passenger app to request a ride. If you’re a driver, stay tuned. I’ll also explain how you can still use the updated Passenger app to scout out the competition and get more requests. Understanding the customer’s experience is my…

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Should Uber and Lyft drivers accept requests that are 10-15 minutes away?

Should you accept ride requests that are 10 to 15 minutes away? There are a lot of drivers who will accept whatever rides come in, and that’s totally fine. I think there are a lot of times where it pays to use smarter tactics that will help you earn more money. Check out my video to see…

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