A Price Comparison Between HyreCar / Hertz / Enterprise / Maven / Xchange Leasing

Getting access to a qualifying car is one of the biggest hurdles to getting started as a ride share driver. Today we’ve partnered with Hyrecar to bring you some information about the cost differences between the major available rental and leasing services. Even if you already have a car, you may need to temporarily rent…

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Uber and Lyft Fare Analysis: How Much Money Can You Make Rideshare Driving in 2017?

Today I want to take a look at a recent analysis that I did of a full week of driving. We posted an article on The Rideshare Guy called How Much Money Can An Uber and Lyft Driver Make in 2017? It’s the ultimate guide to earnings and breaking down how much you can make.…

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My experience renting a car on Turo

Today I want to talk about my experience renting a car with a company called Turo. Turo is a marketplace for regular car owners like you and I to rent their vehicles to car renters. It’s sort of like an Airbnb but for cars, The reason I got interested in Turo is because I’m always…

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How much The Rideshare Genius made delivering for UberEATS

Lately I’ve been collaborating with the top rideshare Youtubers to bring you some of the best video content out there on rideshare topics I don’t always discuss. Ezra from The Rideshare Genius made a great video about UberEATS that will give you a great introduction to the service and let you know what kind of earnings…

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Rideshare Reviews: ZeroEdge Dual Lens Dashcam Review

As you guys know, I think that a good dash cam is something every driver needs. Today, contributor Jonathan Knope will show us one of the more popular dual-lens cameras out there, the ZeroEdge Dual-lens Car Camera. Dual-lens cameras are a good way to go because they film both inside the car and in front of…

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