Uber Rewards Help Drivers Save Money

I’ve partnered up with UberMan to share with you guys some of the best content on Youtube. His video “Save Money While Driving For Uber” goes over some Uber Rewards features I haven’t covered before that could save on car repairs and financial services. There’s some great info here, so give his video a watch, read the…

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Uber Booking Fee Increase: What It Means For Drivers

Uber increased the booking fee recently, and if history is any indicator, they will increase it some time again in the future. Our contributor Jonathan researched the booking fee and made a video that explains what the booking fee is and what increases mean for drivers. Take a look at the video, and read the…

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iTrue X3 Dashcam Review

We all know that getting a dash cam is a smart idea for drivers, so Rideshare Guy contributor Jonathan Knope took a look at at the iTrue X3 Dashcam. He unboxes it, installs its, and shows you how it performs on the road. Take a look at his video, read the transcript, and consider getting a…

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Can Uber drivers get deactivated for canceling too many rides?

Every once in awhile, you’ll need to cancel a ride. But can drivers get deactivated for canceling too many rides? It’s a confusing topic because Uber’s policy specifically states the drivers can’t get deactivated for low acceptance rates, but they don’t specifically say anything about cancellation rates. Check out my video to see the answer,…

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New Uber Beacon Unboxing Video

Today I want to share an unboxing video of the new Uber beacon. The Uber Beacon is a light-up device that goes in your driver window that’s supposed to help passengers find your car. Passengers choose which color they want displayed on your beacon, then look for that color on your car. Take a look…

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