5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Delivering Food

Today, The Rideshare Guy contributor Jon is going to be talking about some challenges that you might encounter while delivering food and how to overcome those challenges. Jon has delivered a lot of food on a variety of platforms: UberEATS, DoorDash, and Postmates. Food delivery can be a really good way to supplement ride share…

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How to Increase Traffic to Your Uber Blog

One way of leveraging your experience as an Uber driver is to create a website, Youtube channel, or online community. Not only is it a creative outlet and a way to improve yourself as a driver, but a way to earn extra income from driver referrals, online ads, and other partnerships. Calvin over at The…

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6 month review of my Samsung Galaxy S7

I’ve now had my Samsung Galaxy S7 for about six months, so I want to give you guys an update on my experience with it. You’ll be interested in this if you’re thinking about getting this phone, or if you’re a fan of technology in cellphones like I am. I’ll tell you what I like,…

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Uber testing guaranteed earnings instead of sign-up bonuses in some markets

Lately, Uber has been testing guaranteed earnings instead of sign up bonuses for new drivers. If you’re a new driver and you’re wondering what your sign up bonus is, or if you’re an existing driver and you’re looking to refer new drivers, this video is going to be for you. Take a look at the…

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How I Rate My Uber Passengers

The rating system for drivers is something we talk about often, but what about the rating system for passengers? Today, I want to share a great video from Kon at¬†RideShare Tips that gives us a driver’s perspective on rating passengers. Take a look at Kon’s video, read the transcript below, and subscribe to his channel…

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